April 01, 2011

INTERIOR | Minimalistic Living

clothing rack IKEA €29,95


All you need is a mattress, something to hang your clothes on and something to plant your ass on. Minimalism is about the essence of things, stripping away everything until only the necessary remains. This concept not only applies on the all white structured Calvin Klein ensembles, the basic Jil Sander aesthetic or the nude almost-not-there Céline pieces but on every aspect of life.

When decorating (or not decorating) your surroundings with the bare essentials and tossing away everything you don't absolutely love, the only thing remaining will be your personality. Getting rid of clutter means getting rid of visual distraction and visual stress. No need for a closet for your books; align them, pile them, place them in sight! And a simple clothing rack is all you need to showcase your beloved clothes and become inspired. Arrange a home as if it were an art gallery, where you can enjoy every chair, lamp, book or jacket you own(or your kid's best drawings).

The idea of living with the bare essentials is something that appeals to me very much. (The thought behind it even more that its aesthetic) As I believe it is a durable alternative and the antidote to over-consuming. I'm good on my way of creating a somewhat minimalistic home. But I would not call myself a minimalist yet because of my constant urge to collect things, old things and of course clothes.



absolutely love the words you have written. so true.



bravegrrl said...

my favorite post of the day! bravo! is that your room? if so... super cute!!!

Celine KG said...

I love the minimalism, in an interior. Really. I found thirs more inspiring, confortable & personal, than 'too much' space. It's really inspiring me for my future room In Paris.

xoxo, Céline

Dylana Suarez said...

This is so cute!



Luca said...

Great inspiration!

Start dreaming on www.dreamingthedayawaywithluca.blogspot.com

Caroline Colfelt said...



Alice Barton said...

lovely room!!

LUU H. said...

is that your room? If not, could you make a post about your apartment? if would be so rad to see you how you decorate your home!

Reckless Rekha. said...

beautiful post. very inspiring.

i really want that clothing rack from ikea <3

Laura K. J said...

Love it! :) followed!

thefashionguitar said...

I actually NEED that rack, cause I am out of space... boehoe... Great post, very inspirational!

Have a lovely weekend!

xo thefashionguitar

Angie said...

I'm in the process and I feel so free and relieved with everything that goes out of my house.it's a freeing experience a step closer to what is true to me.

Leah at Aesthetic Mode said...

I adore the minimalism style. I'm considering going into the process of removing some unncessary furniture too. But I am scared it might be too much... getting rid of sentimental crap is exhausting!
And the number of books I have on my shelves... lol.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of minimalism. It's the execution that disagrees with my hereditary love of cluttering my beloved things around me. Books, for example, outnumber everything else but if I don't have them around me I feel like part of me is missing.

bianca said...

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Opposite lipstick said...

So true


sara l said...

love it!!

Flaviana Boni said...

Love this bedroom!


Francesca said...

i'll miss your green header, but i like the new look of your blog :)

Hannah said...

are you serious? i love your blog, your hait your whole style. hearing all these nice things from you is such an honor!

Sharon said...

Wauw! GREAT! :)

Maria said...

haha, I love the minimalism in furniture too...mainly because I can't afford anything :D

bravegrrl said...

yes, definitely the favorite post of the moment... long moment that is :) just so inspiring and reminding that fashion/life is best when being creative.... and what better way then to make do with what you have and buy only what you love... "the only thing remaining will be your personality"... love that... it leaves room for things that really mater...

this symmetry said...

So inspiring!

Janna said...

Ik houd van minimalisme! Dat zoiets simpels zo mooi kan zijn... Ik wil het later ook graag toepassen in mijn eigen huis.c

Kerrie said...

i must agree, minimalist is wonderful, you describe it perfectly. i am so glad i found your blog, you've brought something new to my day, thank you :)

Avocado Sundays said...

love this post, definitely inspired me to re-do my room and take out all the crap!

e said...

i have this same problem-not wanting to have clutter but also being drawn to wanting to collect-bones, shells, old stuff. i think it's part of having a creative spirit, you seem to balance it very well on your blog. also couldn't agree with you more on the "over consuming" point.

Bella Du Arte said...

Actually leaving a futon or mattress on the floor may be problematic due to condensation. Even in the driest environments!

I've try it... 1st with a futon and then with a mattress.
The the cleaning part is even harder since the floor "cottons" tend to gather around it and vacuum takes even more time and intensity.

And if you have pets... forget it!

My solution: 4 joined pallets with wheels!

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