February 06, 2012

NOVELTY | Ann Sophie Back aw12 13


images: Metro

This could have gone so wrong, all the ingredients for a cheap disaster were there; Ann Sophie Back's autumn/winter collection featured transparent plastic bra straps, net fabric of the kind that stripper pantyhose are made of and bright turqoise trousers. But of course, as we are used to from Ann Sophie, the looks that she sent down the runway last week in Stockholm were utterly stylish. And the footwear in clear plastic(the material of my dreams) with the visible thick wool socks inside... yes, go ahead, save that picture to your computer.


Unknown said...

That looks interessting xD
I don't really know what to think about it ^^


Nettan said...

Yay transparent heels.. lovely x

The PvdH Journal said...

I actually think that it works - love the shoes in particular.



Jamie-Maree said...

I'm addicted to transparent ANYTHING, and these shoes aren't helping.


Sarah said...

those shoes are amazing.

Marloes said...

I actually love this! amazing x

Fashion Agony said...

Those boots are insane!

Fashion Agony blog

Marie My said...

loving the transparency. It gives you so many possibilities and choices to which colours you'll use :)

love, Marie from www.nemesisbabe.dk

Unknown said...

interesting shoes ...

Domonique Wilson said...

The woolly socks inside the plastic fabric shoes is utterly genius!I adore all the varying fabrics she has used within the collection!


Nikki said...

I did my internship there a few months ago! It's really nice to see how this collection turned out :)

Andrea Antoniou said...

ohh i love the shoes <3 xxxx

Laura said...

I like the cuts. But the boots look a bit too 90ies ;-)

Charlotte said...

LOVE all of it!


Catherine Liem said...

it's good when designers expose their personal styles and opinions through their works of art. freely and with confidentce. Ann Sophie did it so strikingly different and superb in this collection =0

Style Hostess

Six Feet From The Edge - Debbie said...

Haha geniaal! Weet niet of ik het model van de schoenen zo top vind.. maar toch intrigerend genoeg ;)


Edye and Martyn said...

we love that heels! :)

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

The socks inside the transparent boots, that's just genius!


Marlen said...

Awesome designing work, I really enjoy watching those creations.


hannahalehandra said...

Oh my I can't believe I'm enjoying transparent plastic! She really pulled it off this show!

Joy. // Justlikesushi.com said...

I like the look, but I still don't know what to think of the boots! Not my taste

mirjam schuurkamp said...

so cool to see!

New outfit post; Snake loves beige

Render Sublime said...

I want those clear shoes soooooooooooo BADLY!!!!


A La Mode said...

So sad she's not showing at LFW this season, her show last year was my favourite!

Not 100% sure on this collection yet but I'm sure as time grows I'll become obsessed.

Jess said...

I love the gray boots a lot. Thanks for sharing. :-)

check out my first head to toe outfit post, hopefully the first of many! xx


Anonymous said...

woah the plastic boots are so cool! probably quite uncomfortable though...

Laura. said...

great collection - love the shoes too.

Jade said...

[saved picture to computer]. I love it when something that should go utterly wrong surprisingly fits together.

By the way, I didn't comment on your last post but I still want to say I really love the blurry b/w photographs. The second could be hanging in FOAM, just like that.


i'm in love


s-o said...

love the shoes

Alice said...

shoes are interesting but i actually love that last dress the best. i can see you doing a DIY inspired by the wool sock/clear shoes :)

Sara Moura said...

I think you would totally make those work. Love your style!

Made by: Sara

Magnet said...

Plastic shoes.. with thick socks? AMAZING! I wouldn't mind getting some plastic shoes for myself. The outfits look fantastic.

carolina said...

I clicked on to your tumblr and I loved it. I must admit you are extremelly inspirational to me. I've been following you more than a year now and I must say that Your blog is not like all the blogs out there that just post about clothes that are on stores. I don't get the meaning of showing the Zara shoes that you just bought, the Macbook that you got, all that stuff, quite materialistic and nonsense. But your posts inspire me in a kind of artistic way. You play with materials, aesthetics :), volumes... I mean I really think you have an eye for design and image. And I love the way you are so feminine but in a lovely way, not trying to be sexy or vulgar, kind of manrepeller in a minimalistic way haha. Keep blogging please cause I love what you do.

Anemone said...

The boots look so much like the transparent Cheap Monday boots. Very cool.


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