July 15, 2012

INTERIOR | Keeping It In Sight



sandals: Topshop (sold out unfortunately)
nails: silver nail foil

Getting rid of things is so liberating. I've been throwing out more and more stuff, not only from my wardrobe, but also from the rest of the house. Only the things that have true value or that I absolutely love to death are allowed to stay. It is stuff that you don't want to put away in a drawer but keep it in sight! Like this white pile of old Dazed & Confused magazines and flat white boxes.


Elisa Eymery said...

Great initiative, I really need to do the same! Ironically working in fashion has made me realise that you don't need so many clothes, just a few carefully timeless and quality pieces, with a fun element to them.

Wandering Minds fashion

Laura said...

I have to do this too. My closets are full of stuff I don't really need.
PS: I like how your toenails match with your sandals ;-)

Bella B. said...

so true..I should throw out a lot of stuff

xx BBella

Shannon Valle said...

I just cleaned out my stuff today & threw out a lot of stuff that's been 'hiding' away behind everything. I love that you posted this.

I also love your sandals.


Fashiable | Nanne said...

De heels blijven mooi, maar ik ben voor alsnog bang dat het niks voor mij is


Unknown said...

Cute post!


Pixels By Emilia said...

Prachtige sandaaltjes! En je teennagels matchen perfect met de hak, heel gaaf!

Fancylook said...

I just discover your amzing blog!!!
You can feel the spirit of the fashion much better than critics!!!
Baci,Eva of Fancy Windows

Heather Cavanaugh said...

I really need to go through my closet and start to get rid of things again. I held onto some stuff thinking that I would wear it sometime but nope never did.


Jenaly Enns said...

I can imagine your place looking so nice. I also love those shoes


frida said...

i LOVE your heels, PERFECTION!!

Sophia// dearreina.com said...

I'm leaving for university in a month or so, and have been using this time to clear out all the stuff I have collected over the years.

It feels so good to get rid of everything and just have things and clothes that I really love and find attractive. Your wonderful blog has inspired me with this! Thank you!

Rebecca said...

those shoes are amazing, you have such a good blog.

Have you always felt content with your blog and at what point did you feel the most satisfyed with yours?

I'm going through a hate everything patch, yuck


Rebecca said...
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ilikestuff said...

Your home looks so amazing and minimalist...I'd love to see a full tour one day on the blog!

Tugce said...

Love it!


Unknown said...

I absolutely love minimizing my junk. At first, it seems so overwhelming and intimidating, but once its cleaned out and never to be thought of again, there's this massive liberation.

And, by the way, I don't blame those shoes for being sold out - they're absolutely gorgeous.

Vanessa - PureGlam.tv said...

Absolutely true.... beautiful photos...

--> New giveaways: e.g. win a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes

Van - PureGlam.tv

Unknown said...



Leah said...

Shoes are sweet and the nail polish is so cool! :)

Jayvee Doroteo said...

I've started what you've been doing for a few days now. I started with the house and now my own wardrobe. Only the really lovely pieces indeed! Make space for...more trash in the future?? LOL


Katie Frank said...

you can give me those clothes you throw away hah no just joking. i love your warderobe and i would never throw it XD

B. said...

I'm throwing out everything out of my appartment too, at the moment. Everything feels so empty, but in a good kind I think. I love this! xx

marie said...

I love the sandals! Can't believe I never bought them. Look so good on you.

Marie x

Milica Lubardic said...

I am sooooo digging your style! I love how simple and light it is! Please don't change...love you and your blog!
Love the sandals!

duckalicious said...

totally agree - out with all the junk and stuff you don't need/want anymore. the fresh energy you feel afterwards is amazing.

Mary said...



Maria Onorio

steph said...

Beautiful shoes + nail colour combination ;) It's nice to de-clutter every now and then I agree!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, nail foils. It's so hard to find them where I live. They work so well for you! Good luck with your cleaning!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree - when we moved house, we threw away so much junk and you feel so satisfied afterwards! Oh and I just love your shoes and silver nail polish, I will never stop loving your amazing blog. x

Kate {Modette}

Jaeger said...

i love those types of details areound the home



Inspiration partout said...

I love how minimal this looks.I always keep everything and never throw things away just in case I need them someday and my house never looks this good!

joy. | justlikesushi.com said...

Ik heb ook de behoefte om alles lekker op te ruimen en een rustige ruimte te creƫren om me heen!

Amelie said...

Those shoes are so amazing!

Laura said...

Amazing shoes!! x

Dark Blue Stripes said...

I love de-cluttering. Great heels. I have the same ones. :-)

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

Emma said...

Hi ! I've bought some shoes a few time ago, and when I put them on my feet, it totally reminds me your style, and they only cost 20€ during the sale, I've thought that you might like them.

"sandale esclava" http://www.oysho.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/oyshofr/fr/60259603/298214/620537/Sandale%2BEsclava%2Bvinyle

And sorry for my English, I'm french !


EMN said...

I just adore your blog it is just amazing, love it !!!
I also like how there is great balance between black and white and grey sooo nice :)


Following you now so please follow back :)

miasmode said...

Yeah I need to start and throw out a few things that I don´t need any more. I´m glad the sandaly are out of stock. So I´m not tempted :D


Lola Jaro said...

love those heels


Annie Louise said...

yep, same here. It's such a great feeling when all the unecessary stuff is thrown away. makes one value what's left to a much greater extent. xx


MuffinCannibal said...

Oh, what a pity that these sandals are sold out, I love them :<


Michiel Steur said...

En een prachtig iittala schaaltje! Favoriet bij mij! :)

Zag je trouwens bij amsterdam fashion week zitten aan de overkant tijdens de Lichting. Wilde je nog even aanspreken maar kon je na de show niet meer terugvinden.. :( Wat vond je ervan? xx

A stylish distraction said...

Gorgeous shoes, love them so much!!
I need to throw out so much too!!

Unknown said...

Ivania, I do love how your nail polish matches your heel! ;)

xx nathan.niche

check out my new coveted GIVENCHY A/W NOSE RING :)


| l e n e r d | said...

such a great pile.

Me, My fashion and I said...

Just discovered your blog, LOVE it, you have a new follower

Kisses from Spain


I really need to do the same! you are a great inspiartion and the real minimalist

Unknown said...

Ah, this is very inspiring - I have so many things and clutter!
None of it is worth much money (ha ha) but I have a tendancy to buy lots of 'treasures'

I love how clean your blog is, always inspires me!

Stell x

[ S A V V Y 9 2 ] said...

These interior insights of u give me a lot of inspiration. Having my environment "minimalized" gives me the freedom to move forward faster.

hiPop said...

those decisions are sometimes so hard to make, but the feeling of freedom afterwards is priceless!


Amanda Rodriguez said...

Love this!