May 05, 2013

A C C E S S O R I E S / Docs and Socks

shoes: Dr. Martens (similar here)
socks: Asos

Breaking into new docs can hurt like hell. The leather is so stiff that I can still wear them without laces.
Though I also love how they look with a bare ankle, it's a lot less painful with a thin sock.

Can't let this go unmentioned; Happy liberation day! Exactly 68 years ago The Netherlands was liberated from Nazi Germany.
Enjoy the peace, if you're lucky enough to have it guys!


Anonymous said...

I saw those socks on asos, they are so pretty, especially with white shoes!

TeuntjeVDW said...

This is perfection! xx.

Michiel - Jan Marcel Blog said...

Oh wow Ivania! Love this look! :D

Vicky said...

cool shoes and nice socks! <3

Nana Pankalla said...

they are so cute those socks!

xx nana

Unknown said...

they give a really cool touch!

Anonymous said...

You ignorant cunt, it was called Nazi Regime and not Nazi Germany. No wonder Germans still feel guilty if we keep celebrating the liberation and probably also will for the next 60 years.
Everybody learned from the past but re-re-re memorizing it, prevents good things happening in the future.
If you run a blog whose 11 categories just topic artsy fartsy stuff, cut posts regarding politics, history and religion and leave it professionals.

kindly, a freelance journalist for Financial Times.

Unknown said...

how cool is that!

xoxo from rome

Juli said...

the white docs look great!

V. said...

It looks great! Love the combination.

dust said...

how to break in docs fast:
1. go to the shoe maker and get "walk away" spray. spray the shoe in and out, then pull the back of the shoe over the corner of the table and hammer the heel section gently. this will loosen up the plastic lining in the heel and stretch the edge of it, without damaging the shoe. then put on some tick socks and walk away in them till the end of the day.
2. get the 96% alcohol from kruidvat (spray is practically the same), or use hot water (my favorite way,makes the leather very soft, only it takes longer for shoe to dry)

good luck!!!


What a nice choice of words for a professional, top journalist like yourself. I usually don't allow name calling on my blog, but this is just hilarious, going to leave it for a couple of days so that others can giggle too.

1. I can write about whatever I want on my blog.
I think it might be a bit too 'artsy fartsy and frivolous' for a professional journalist like yourself.
2. I studied journalism.
3. Remembering and understanding what happened in WW2 is utterly important. Some people nowadays and even schools are denying that the genocides ever happened. You obviously don't get the point, it is not to make Germans feel guilty but to never let anything like it happen again in the future: recognizing patterns in society that lead to groups hating each other.

-Nazi Germany is the correct term for what Germany was almost 70 years ago.

Tanja S. said...

yes, wearing new doc martens can be so freaking painful. But I love how they look with these socks, so perfect! :)

Pats said...

The shoes are great!

Have a wonderful Sunday,

fashion-meets-art said...

gorgeous. suits you so well- perfect for your style.
lovely greets
maren anita


Anonymous said...

WOW, I cannot believe that a 'freelance journalist' for the FT would take the time out to trawl through blogs and insult people for no reason like that, how immature. Happy liberation day!

LOVEthe shoes and socks.

The Eleganter

The Eleganter

The Eleganter

emma joan said...

Wow! I can't believe that anon used the c word, hell even if they didn't like what you had to say there is no need to be derogatory towards you!

I absolutely adore your white docs, I miss owning a pair. Although I must admit the amount of pain that I went through breaking in the last pair does put me off getting new ones.

Joan x

Vera said...

Hi Ivania!
I love the combination of the white socks and shoes with the subtle lavender underneath.
Also, as a student receiving her degree in Holocaust history, I can assure you that Nazi Germany is a valid historical term and that offensive commenter is just utterly rude.
Happy Liberation Day :)

Vera said...

Oops, just saw your response to the "professional journalist"... clearly you've got it under control :) Keep on being awesome!

Álvaro said...

it´s so true , it´s happens the same to me with docs. Anyway, exquisite as always ;)

Rose Chrome said...

Oeh, jah. Nieuwe docs doen zo'n pijn! Ik heb laatst vintage docs gekocht wat een verschil!

Marjolein | NeverTooPolished said...

Vind ze eigenlijk wel heel cool zo zonder veters! :)

X Marjolein - Never Too

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Die sokken zijn echt heel leuk!

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

All though I would never wear this myself I just got to love it somehow! xx

Anny Barros said...

i'm in love with this dr. martens ♥

Vil said...

oh my... I would love to have these :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love the addition of thin socks! xx

Latisha Campbell said...

this is just perfect been looking for a pair of docs like these for agesss!!

Reckless Rekha. said...

Really love how this combo looks cutest socks ever x

Unknown said...

stunning! Ah i love the way you do things. Some people can be so mean and your right its your blog to wrtie whatever you want :) and we re not making the Germans feel bad like you said we are remembering our mistakes so we can learn from them

Hayley xx

jennamariia said...

I like how the shoes look like without laces. Nice and simple :)


Theresa said...

You handled that anon very well! It always bothers me when negative people comment unnecessary remarks on blogs.

Anyhow, I love white shoes!! *O* they look amazing. i feel you about the whole breaking them in thing.


Unknown said...

Really want to invest in a pair of docs!

Sarararu said...

If a person decides to insult others anonymously then don't let them steal any rare time.

As for the Dr Martens, leaving soggy newspaper inside them for a day or two will make them 1000000x more comfortable... If the ink leaks onto the soles wipe it off with a normal cloth :) I do this with all my shoes

Erika said...

Happy Liberation Day Ivania! I love your aesthetic sense, it's motivated me to be much more adventurous and disciplined in my own choices.

p.s. You handled that troll well, but they are always best ignored. Ain't nobody got time for that kind of ignance!

Max said...

Wow, these must be the Docs sent from above! They look so fresh and crisp with the white sole.

Really love your blog!

Unknown said...

In love with your Docs and socks!


Thanks for sticking up for me Vera, Emma, Joan, Sararu!

about the tattoo: my boyfriend did all my tattoos but he only tattoos his friends; he doesn't do it for money and he doesn't like to work on designs that he doesn't like, his brother Anthony is a super super talented tattoo artist at Moko-Toko

Fata Morgana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fata Morgana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I actually love the combination with the socks! They make it more feminine.

Unknown said...

I finally recently broke into my patent loafers, they were so hard to get comfy in, I was so close to giving up on them but then after a lot of bandaids and socks along with them, I finally broke em in. Btw those ASOS socks are GORGEOUS, I wonder if I could pull em' off as well as you do Ivania ;) Btw, I just posted my new outfit featuring gold forefinger rings and hand chains, quite minimalist so I think it's up your alley hehee. Hope you like my take on a new arm party!

xx The Provoker

cat said...

I love those socks! And hate leather boot(ie)s for their stiffness! I found faux leather often a lot more comfortable.

Dami said...


Kriz said...

I can't help it but I have always had a weakness for socks in shoes - especially when people are laughing at me - I will combine the two even more ;)
Thank you for promoting this!


Love the socks!

Egypt said...

Good Luck

Anonymous said...


x. Jusitne

Duck said...

Honestly, people can be such dickheads.

Dianne said...

Interesting to read about the anniversary. My father was in Holland then, fighting with the Manitoba Dragoons from Canada. They heard a few days later about the end of the war, and then celebrated with Dutch people.

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Unknown said...

its locks awesome and its great style.

love sproblem solution

katie said...

Please can you let me know where you bought your shoes from? I've been looking for white docs for ages and would be eternally grateful!! thanks katie. x

Anonymous said...

Dear not-so-dear anon

You ending your ridiculous rant with a "freelance journalist from FT" doesn't give you any merit whatsoever regarding the complete nonsense you unnecessarily spewed. I have a German friend and yes, he agrees with me and many others and rightly so when we say that WWII and what the Hitler regime did must never be forgotten. Nazi Germany is in referrence to the then-Germany that had Nazis, Ivania did not cross any lines when she used that term. And what do you mean by not celebrating the liberation? I can't even fathom that. Celebrating is not shaming Germany. It is remembering those (millions) that were oppressed, celebrating those who fought for independence and educating the unaware masses (like yourself).

What happened then obviously does not help germans' popularity now and that's not fair. It ain't right but what would be even more of a national embarrassment is if they tried to deny it and sweep it under the rug. Is that something that would please you greatly because then, no one would be "shaming" nobody??

P.S. Please refrain from using the c-word. If you don't realise the gravity of how powerfully degratory and backwards that word is to women, you are the one that's ignorant. I imagine you very small.

P.P.S. If I was the editor, I would fire you immediately for embarrassing FT.

IVANIA, you handled the anon with grace, class and wit. You were not outta line or politically incorrect or whatever. You are absolutely amazing at what you do. The way you've maintained this blog is an inspiration. Much love to you and your gorgeous family.

Long time reader and a well wisher
Sunita Pun

Brenda J. Harvey said...

The shoes are so cool. I love them.

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