May 21, 2013

D I Y / Clear Bag With Copper Handles

 photo loveaestheticsDIYcopperclear01.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsDIYcopperclear02.jpg

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 photo loveaestheticsDIYclearcopper04.jpg

Put a copper plumbing tube and a bit of plastic together and you'll get a bag!
A nice clear rectangle with copper handles, a combination of two of my absolute favorite materials.
Have fun making one and don't forget to show me a snapshot on instagram!

/ two copper tubes
/ plastic
/ sewing machine or needle and thread

01/ Take measurements. Decide how large you want your bag to be. Mine was 40cm (width) x 30cm (height).
Because plastic seams can rip easily, I decided not to put a seam on the bottom. So instead of cutting two rectangles of 40cm x 30cm,
cut one large rectangle of 40 cm x 60cm and fold it in half, don't forget to add a few centimeters for the tubes, the final measurements of the plastic would be approximately 40cm x 65cm.
02/ Fold the plastic in half and cut out a square in the middle, where your hand is going to go through.
03/ Fold over the four flaps left on the top and sew creating four 'loops' where the tubes will go through. Make sure they are tight enough so that the tubes won't slip out.
04/ Close the bag with a seam on each side, not making it go all the way up to leave a bit of room to open and close the bag.
05/ Put the tubes through the loops (don't worry about their weight, they are actually super light!) and it's finished!