August 23, 2013

A C C E S S O R I E S / Paperclip Cuff

 photo loveaestheticsCMbracelet0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsCMbracelet000.jpg

Their collection was inspired on what I think are very interesting thoughts on youth culture. According to Cheap Monday, 90s grunge was the last real youth movement. Today, in a world of fast fashion and medialized culture, these movements are picked up commercially almost before they even appear, creating something artificial. So every youth culture from nowadays has commercial interest and brands driving it? Ironically, so has this collection from Cheap Monday called 'Artificial Grunge' (hence the paperclip jewelry).
bracelet: Cheap Monday


Unknown said...

Beautiful piece ! love !

XX Luba

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Sjo - Bordeaux Bravoure said...

Mooie armband!
Tegenwoordig lijkt er geen echte stroming meer aan te wijzen binnen de jeugd. Het lijkt ook alsof er weinig dingen zijn waar alle jongeren zich druk om maken, zoals vroeger wel het geval was toen iedereen ging protesteren.


lght/mttr said...

I love this piece (the jewellery, but more the text). You have the gift to put your thoughts into words. I share these thoughts on commercialized culture. A lot of collections contain trends that came from the streets, or could have been DIY-projects. It all seems quite empty to me that you can buy these items (like cut-off shirts, because i bet everyone can do this at home).

Anonymous said...

I would have never thought that you could make a paperclip into a minimal and beautiful cuff! said...

I want that ring so much *_*

Danielle V said...

Very interesting Ivania. You have a gift to put it down in a few words, a feeling I had, but I couldn't put a finger to it. Thanks.
For me as a designer these things are interesting to read, still I keep on doing my thing, and not be influenced by trends, just my own interest and dreams I like to create into wearable jewelry.

Keep up the good work. Amazing photography btw.

Shannon Valle said...

This is such an interesting though. Almost hypocritical of them. I do love the ring though, I cannot deny that!

The Fashann Monster

ChamaFashion said...

So pretty! Love it!

hiPop said...

Love their sense of (fashion:) humour :)


Céline said...

such beautiful and sophisticated jewelry pieces ! x

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Love Cheap Monday,
Very cool bracelet, i need this!

xo' M

Isa said...

I thought this was a DIY initially, and I was wondering where you managed to find a rose gold paperclip. Now I'm just shocked I never thought to try and use those paperclips as jewelry!

Tine said...

For paperlovers :)

Aleksandra said...

Beautiful !

TASH said...

two pics I found on pinterest you gonna love:

for ypur inspo. Love your diys

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Very beautiful and chic ring. And quite unique too! xx

Marjolein | NeverTooPolished said...

Wat een gaaf ding! Had uit mezelf (shame on me) niet gezien dat het een paperclip was, maar daar wordt ie alleen maar leuker van. :)


Flor said...

It's so neat, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Even in the middle of the grunge era, the baby boomer generation was busy reminding us that it was not a proper youth movement at all. On the other hand, I see youth movements today as deep international undercurrents that cannot be captured by the mainstream precisely because they are moving targets, dodging whenever the mainstream comes close.

Pretty bracelet.

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Gave armband!

Inderdaad echt jammer dat alles zo snel gaat tegenwoordig..

Francesca Rose said...

ohh this is awesome. Great inspiration!

Francesca xo

Anna77MICH said...

Great accessoires!
Kisses from Germany- Anna

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Love rose pieces and this design is amazing! xx

Theresa said...

what a gorgeous piece!! i love the rose gold.


The Golden Soul said...

Perfect piece <3


Unknown said...

Such a gorgeous accessory! The colour looks amazing. x

Rachel said...

your blog has got to be my new favourite blog!
Minimalism is my favourite trend and you pull it off so well

Rachel xx

Style Soup

Unknown said...

Artificial but SO beautiful! The lines are perfection.


Julia from

MILEX said...


Carolina Krews said...

Love it!



Jo said...

waaaa~ That's super cute! I'm so inspired!

Unknown said...

simple idea but very cute! who would of thought a paper lip can make a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Dee Of Ms Dee Kay

Unknown said...

Love it! So simple yet so stylish! :)

New post:

TeuntjeVDW said...

Beautiful! xx.

SABINNA and DAVID said...

wow, this is fantastic!!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

Unknown said...

The collections of jwellery awesome looks lovely after wearing...
Nice blog..
Cute Arm Candy

Unknown said...

love this colour, use it in my collections a lot

Unknown said...

Awesome Paper Clips Cuff

Anonymous said...

This isnt artificial grunge,

its precious jewelry

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