November 05, 2013

N O V E L T Y / Must Read: Acne Paper N°15

 photo loveaestheticsacnepaperno15.jpg

While quickly leafing through the latest Acne Paper, these striking pages stopped me for at least 10 minutes. A series of black and white portraits of twenty-eight leading actresses taken between 1988 and 1999 by French photographer Brigitte Lacombe. Including Meryl Streep 1988, Glenn Close 1989, Demi Moore in 1989, Vanessa Redgrave 1996, Uma Thurman 1988 and Julianne Moore 1994. Every image is accompanied by a little anecdote from Lacombe about when and where it was taken and about the the actresses in it. Though I haven't gotten the chance to read through the entire magazine yet, for me this is the visual highlight of the issue. I can just stare at these intriguing women for hours.

I love Acne paper because it is so pure, every single issue is an in depth, inspiring bundle of fantastically curated content with no interruptions of annoying advertisements. Thank you dear Acne for sending me a copy
Acne Paper - The Actress
Issue N°15


Lys said...

Looove het bewegend beeld! Ziet er interessant uit!


Love this gif!!

Olivia said...

Looks beautiful! x

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Looks amazing! xx

felicia said...

Aaaah, fantastic photo and gif!!!! And I really mean, fantastic. _So_ inspirational!!!!!!!

majahoejgaard said...

I love the way you show us the acne magazine! How do you do it? Technically?

Those women are fantastic. Beautiful and strong.

MILEX said...

so much to love

TIGER LILY said...

I love this post !

Unknown said...

Beautiful photo's
love the gif!

xo' M

Emily said...

Thanks for leafing through for us. Gorgeous!


Love this!

Thera said...

Great Magazine!
Is there a link to buy it?

FlourishBlog said...

I just found your blog and I'm in love - the way you style all your posts is divine!
I didn't know about Acne Paper, but those portraits are gorgeous


Flourish Blog

Unknown said...

Ahh I love the gif! Soo cool!

Unknown said...

Acne's entire fashion/life style aesthetic really represents MODERNITY in fashion, I'm just as obsessed as you are Ivania with them. I recently snagged their akoya clutch in cobalt blue (emoticon face), I'd tag you once I do an outfit post with it, I think you'd approve hehee. Btw can you tell me which site or app you used to make that GIF? I like it cause it doesn't put their website mark on the bottom right. Thanks ;)

Hope to hear back from you soon dear, and also, I'm moving to NY for a few months, feel free to come visit if you're doing NYFW! <3

xx The Provoker

TeuntjeVDW said...

Acne Paper is always a good read! xx.

Konni said...

oh my gosh. I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG! You do a great job! xx

Avigayil said...

The gif = effortlessly flawless. Acne Paper never fails to WOW me - a great read.

Marjolein | NeverTooPolished said...

Wat leuk dat gifje! Klinkt en zie er uit als een super interessant artikel/editorial.


Wei // Lie said...

i love your GIF as a preview for us

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

love your blog so much!

xx teenj

Unknown said...

love the gif preview!
so creative. stay minimalist :)


Unknown said...

OMG hahah such a cool gif! Artistic as always! x

sonia said...

I love this photo of Natalie Portman.

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Jim Rhodes said...

I should read this magazine for sure. Your recommendations are always useful. Post them here if you want.

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