Independence, editorial freedom and honesty are core values of blogging. It´s what makes (fashion)blogs so relevant and sets them apart from any other kind of medium. In order to stick to these values and remain completely transparent, I´ve dedicated this section to the protocols of ethics that I apply to this blog.

All the advertisements and brand-collaborations on Love Aesthetics are from companies that I support, whose philosophies I believe in and whose products I know.

Gifted items and clothing can always be recognized by being referred to as ´a courtesy of´ or ´gifted by´. When accepting and blogging about these free gifts I always carefully take into account if they align with my aesthetic and quality standards. Brand-collaborations will always be explained in blogpost below.

I do not sell editorial space. Every blog post is written by me, is approached in a journalistic way and is not influenced by commercial interests. Though in order to be able to pay my rent work more hours on my blog, you might come across an occasional advertorial, a mix of an advertisement and an editorial. Again it applies that even in partly sponsored content there is complete editorial independence. You can recognize an advertorial by the word 'advertorial' that I clearly state in the blog post.

There are no hidden advertisements on Love Aesthetics. I take my readers very seriously and am completely open to them about what is going on.