March 12, 2008

My first Post!

Judgments of aesthetic value clearly rely on our ability to discriminate at a sensory level. Aesthetics examines what makes something beautiful, sublime, disgusting, fun, cute, silly, entertaining, pretentious, discordant, harmonious, boring, humorous, or tragic.

But every object placed in the right context can be beautiful, or it can be so ugly it becomes beautiful in a sarcastic way.


Hunters Glory said...

love the blog!

Isi said...

I read all your posts = I love your Blog!
greetz from Germany

Anonymous said...

i've finally come upon your first post. love your blog, your difference, and of course indifference. love it all.


waauw ik heb je hele blog doorgenomen, je bent echt een bron van inspiratie! ik volg je echt en aaaahh je bent echt super leuk! ooit gedacht om mee te doen aan HNTM? je bent echt knap en je hebt echt een super leuke stijl! :D

wastedtalent said...

It seems as though me and Isi are in the same boat. I too have finally come across the last page of your blog. After re stumbling across it a couple of days ago i just could not help but to go through every one of your pages. Even if this was the 300th page out of 600 i would get there...eventually.

I love how much you have grown.
I look forward to seeing more of you ♥

Isabelle said...

woh i can't believe i read all your blog! I enjoyed it a lot! :)

Anigiri said...

I've also browsed through every single post on your blog and ended up here. Such an awesome journey! :D

Aminta Paiz said...

I have seen your whole blog... from the first post till today-s! You will see me here often :D

magda o said...

i cant believe i just went through your entire blog

i am impressed and amazed
your sense of critical eye and becoming-aesthetic is a great trajectory to have followed back to this day.



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