October 12, 2009



Did a simple investigation for an article last week.
Counted all the ads and brand names in Glamour Magazine.
I chose Glamour for a few reasons: because it is the best selling "fashion" magazine in Holland, pages are small and printed on thin paper, meaning that there is less appreciation for images (nothing looks good on half A4, shit paper) and offcourse it is much cheaper to produce.I knew I was going to find a huge amount of ads, but the results truly shocked me. It is seriously nothing more than an advertisement leaflet disguised as a "fashion" magazine. I am frustrated the most with people who keep on buying Glamour and with that prove that all the studies done by the corporate robots behind it are right, that readers don't care about quality, and that the majority of them can't tell an ad apart from real content.

the numbers...
279 pages in total
- 69 ads
- 10 self-promotion pages (entire page filled with nothing more than the word GLAMOUR or SUBSCRIBE)

200 Pages remain.
On those 200 pages I found 594 brand names.(advertisers mentioned the most offcourse)


Toeps Fotografie said...

Hier in Japan is het nog veel erger. Hier heb je gewoon "editorials" van twee bladzijdes, omdat Chanel (of welke adverteerder dan ook) geen geld had voor meer. Op die twee pages dus ALLEEN maar Chanel. En dat zo voor alle andere merken. Had echt het gevoel dat ik naar een reclamefolder zat te kijken.

saamielola said...

Hih, wat ik altijd tof vind wanneer ik iets schrijf over Brussel is, dat je altijd vertelt dat je mama daar woont en dat je me erop wijst me niet zo dramatisch op te stellen. Dank je wel daarvoor!

Oh, nu zal ik nooit meer gewoon GLAMOUR kunnen lezen. Ik weet niet of ik überhaupt GLAMOUR nog zal kopen, maar mijn probleem is, in België vind ik ELLE Nederland niet. En aan ELLE België wil ik mijn zakgeld niet verspillen. Verkopen ze in Brussel ELLE NL? :D

Je ziet er trouwens bloedmooi uit op de foto! Ik heb je altijd excentriek gevonden.
Buiten het hard werken, is je opleiding zo een beetje leuk?

Winnie said...

Not really surprised. It's shocking but the amount of advertising that a magazine needs to remain profitable is crazy! It must have taken you so long to count all those brands!

Kaela said...

So bad.

FELIX NINA said...

haha dat is echt leuk om te zien!
Die muur van jouw is trouwens ook leuk. Ik heb de mijne deze vakantie ook helemaal beplakt. x

Susana Rodrigues said...


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Maria Tavares said...

That's predictable!
Magazines, mainly fashion magazines of course, can get millions for those ads. They live from the ads. Fashion is a multimillionaire industry. That’s amazing...

Love your blog!
Be cool

Maria Tavares

Carolina Botelho said...

haha u are crazy!! great job .. love the pic's!

anonymous girl said...

sad but true.i hear a brand will pay in thousands to have just one page and that is per month!!!

Unknown said...

now i know which magazine i won't support in the future...
thank you for doing this and bringing it to my attention and also others...

fashion is a thought and created by the mind, and how you put simple or even bad fashion togeather to create something beautiful. Fashion is not created by money, but should stay indevidual and crative.

Thank you again!



Angie said...

That's why I stopped bying lucky magazine!I got so annoyed at one point with the ads overload!It's corporations against common sense!

e said...

wow! this is why i hardly ever read magazines any more...i much prefer reading awesome style blogs like this one and looking at some of my favorite street photographers for inspiration.

Unknown said...

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