November 02, 2009

mixing Calvinism with Fashion

Sarena Huizinga sitting far right, waiting for the jury to announce the winners

500 years of calvinism in holland isn't seen as a good
thing by the dutch fashion scene. The legacy it left to
dutch society is extreme modesty, distrust for
luxury and even dispisal for decadence.
Nonetheless it was the theme of the fashion competition 'Calvijn Classics'
held in 'The Big Church' of Dordrecht, Holland's most calvinistic city.

Some churches, when entering them make you feel small and meaningless.(soo calvinistic) This church was one of them, with her imposing size, 2 meter thick pillars, golden gates, countless arches, and marble floors. During the show, three religious singers made eery sounds to slow and overwhelming music that echoed throughout the church.

I had specially been looking forward to see Sarena Huizinga's creations, they didn't dissapoint, she won second place. The 500 Euro's she won, were allready gone offcourse, as she had invested alot in her collection. When her models came up, I'm not sure if people were in shock or in awe, but I did see some jaws drop to the floor.(The crowd mainly consisted of moms and dads of designers, and entire families that came to see their daughters first model competition.)





First place went to Colloid (Tjitske Hemkes & Brecht Duijf)

Third Place went to Merel Boers, also known as Miss Black Birdy
merel boers
Merel with her two models



C said...

this is so gorgeous.

Gemma Louise said...

oh great picture on your blog <3 x

BYKK said...

i just discovered your blog, and it's love on the first seight :)

Suzanne said...

Dit was in den haag toch? Ik zag de vlaggen van de dutch design awards buiten de grote kerk hangen toen ik er langs fietste!

Kwam ook per toeval op jouw blog terecht en vind het echt heel erg leuk, ik zal zeker vaak terug komen!


myrrh goldframe said...

wow! great show! loving your blog <33

Lilee said...

wow these are incredibly awesome!!!

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

lovely photos!

Barbro Andersen said...

Beautiful pictures, and this church makes me want to cry <3

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, so unique and cool!

The Seeker said...

Such an interesting post with great pictures.

Thank you so much for visited my blog and left a note.

Keep in touch if you feel like it


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