January 11, 2010

mirrors.mirrors. my very first video

Girls on film from Ivania Carpio van Osch on Vimeo.

Video by me! starring Merle Berger, Imme Visser, Malou van der Tas

This is my very very first video!
It's about three models Imme, Maou and Merle
that are for a change not posing and looking fierce or serious
but just being their lovely selves
It is not directed
but made out of loose footage that I shot without having a real purpose for it, other than just making a random video
I'm filming through a mirror construction that I made.
Voila! this is the result!
Criticism is much apreciated


Natalie said...

i love the video, it's so fun! and u two are both so gorgeous!i might have asked u before but r u models?


Ivania said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ivania said...

please read the credits, it says I only filmed it. and yes the 3 girls are models

Cgranlund said...

i like it a lot
im curious about the other vidoe's
there is more to come right?

Style Porn said...

Wow, I wondered at first how you got that mirror effect. I thought at first it was after effects. This is a cool video!

Winnie said...

Great video! You did a fantastic job!

Birgit said...

It's amazing! Are they real models? The girl with the blonde hair is so pretty. Love the vid, very good for your first one!

xx Birgit

Yuka said...


Anonymous said...

弱者等待時機,強者製造時機~~gogogo ....................................................

NINA said...

wat een geweldig filmpje!! echt heel mooi, ik heb niet echt iets negatiefs, ik vind het superleuk gedaan met die spiegels en zo. is het een opdracht van een opleiding? of gewoon uit je zelf? xo

Faridah said...

I really enjoyed this! The girls look beautiful and natural.

mars said...

Wow, ik heb hem al op Hyves gezien, maar het filmpje blijft mooi! En je wordt er ook helemaal vrolijk van!

Alleen... de achternaam van Merle is verkeerd gespeld, Ze heet Bergers (met een s) Merle Berger (zonder s) is een wetenschapper in het een of ander.

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