July 03, 2010

NOVELTY | Artez, Arnhem Graduation Shows

Fade to grey

Bianca Herranz

Annie Ching

Don't feed the birds

Don't feed the birds

Jennifer Busking

Today was the day that the students of Arnhem's art academy, Artez, got to present their final collections. The academy wich is infamous for its fashion department also graduated talents like Jeroen van Tuyl(2003), Iris van Herpen (2006) and Viktor & Rolf(1993).

Today also was the day that The Netherlands were up against Brazil in the World championships, wich I couldn't care less about, and wich only made public transport empty. We travelled in a deserted airconditioned train from Amsterdam to Arnhem and back. It was an absolute treat during today's heat.(I rhyme all the time) Being there, meeting the graduates and seeing the wonderfull products they made, it was inpsiring and exciting to know that this is only the beginning of all the amazing thing they are about to do.


Michelle Elaine said...

not really sure why, but the first one reminds me of Miu Miu? :/ hmm

and that last one - hehe i want the person to shimmy


Wendy said...

These are good, real good!
Such brilliant pieces, rare, extraordinaire.
I'm more than impressed :)


Jessi said...

ziet er geweldig uit chick!!
Was inderdaad gezellig :D
Had je me nou toegevoegd op msn? want dat emailadres van mn blog is alleen voor die blog zeg maar.
Fijne vakantie en misschien iets doen binnenkort??

XXX Jessi

Suzanne said...

wow....ik heb hier geen woorden voor,
echt prachtig vooral Fade to Gray en Bianca Herranz!

saamielola said...

Afstudeerontwerpen zijn een genot om naar te kijken! Vrijdag was het ongelooflijk warm inderdaad, maar het voordeel is wel dat ik een stuk bruiner ben geworden. En go Nederland! Zelf volg ik het WK ook niet, maar als er iemand moet winnen, dan zijn het wel Nederlanders.

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