July 18, 2010

Daryl van Wouw &Conny Groenewegen at Amsterdam fashion week




Printed hoodies, tees and sneakers? Not this time at Daryl van Wouw! For spring 2011 Daryl presented sophisticated dresses in delicate fabrics. Both in very wearable short body hugging as long and flowy fits. Executed in a few not so basic colors like a dark faded turquoise, several shades of odd browns, and almost orange reds. After moving his company to China, Daryl van Wouw positively surprised us with his collection designed there. There was a noticeable change in this collection compared with previous ones, this time he worked a lot more with fabrics and layers and used a more elegant aesthetic. Although the hair and makeup strongly reminded of last spring’s Giles and Proenza Schouler with their pastel colored strokes of hair, it did do a beautiful job complimenting the collection.



Outside the show at Westerpark, in the grass, at sunset another surprise awaited. Wooden pellets were piled and wrapped in plastic foil and so were a dozen of models. Viewers received headphones to experience a ‘silent fashion show’. Huge light bulbs on sticks tied to the pellets lit to the beat of the music. The show started, models were unpacked from their foil package and Conny Groenewegen's designs were revealed. They started marching coordinately in between the pellets accompanied by the music and the lights. A magical display.


Michelle Elaine said...

really love the hair and would love to see more of the pieces. im also pretty intrigued at what the audience is wearing


Lovin' life said...

Mooi, dat model op de 3e foto ziet er echt gorgeous uit!

Anonymous said...
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jamie-lee said...

Oh wow I love all of this, the models hair and make-up looks so great!


minnja said...

stunning photos:))


Bostonista said...

oh wow I really like this! the hair is amazing!


Ziet er heel gaaf uit zeg! Super leuk! Ik vind je blog ook erg leuk, ben er voor de eerste keer maar denk dat ik vaker terug zal komen!

xx fesi-fashion

Maud said...

really nice blog, i'm going to follow you! xx

Six Six Sick said...

I'm so obsessed with the hair from the show...


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Mooie foto's!


Geweldige show! Idd leuk een keer geen hoodies enz :D

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