August 24, 2010

OPINION | Real Blog Love

Faux tattoo: Luxirare, Dead Fleurette, Eli Presentacion, Jak&Jil

Blogroll has changed! I get so excited when I find a discover a new interesting blog.
Just recently I stumbled upon Eli Presentacion and Dead Fleurette which are absolute unique gems amongst the thousands of blogs which have all become so simillar to each other. As much as I also enjoy looking at nicely put together ensembles, I will keep following personal style blogs on my own bloglovin.

If you want to be blown off your chair by amazement just visit Luxirare. Her interesting ideas and superb execution make me enthousiastic about fashion again. And at it is about fashion, not personal showcasing.

*Dead Fleurette
Fleurette takes you with her on the long way to the perfect wardrobe. Doesn't change her wardrobe every season, doesn't need the entire H&M collection, but is of the opinion that fashion doesn't equal consumerism.
'Think of building your wardrobe as collecting art'

*Eli Presentacion
Next to the beautifully designed blog, and wonderful outfits Kristine actually has something to say. In between the margiela dresses, deadly high wedges and reviews of lipstick she shares articles and opinion pieces about politics and feminism.
'Fuck yes jimmy carter'

*Jak and Jil
Jak and Jill, almost a cliché to be amongst the blogroll.
But whose photographs have almost become iconic, and who's style and compositions are copied by so many. Inspiring.



Aww, thank you so much for featuring me. You just made my day :D


Suz said...

gaaf gedaan zeg, die tattoo!

Kristine said...

Ahhh Thank you! <3 This made my day. I'm truly so much more flattered when people enjoy what I have to SAY rather than what I'm wearing haha. Thank you dear, you are one of my faves too!

ediot said...

hi darling. thanks a lot for sharing- im off to see these now- love jak&jil so much!
hope youre having a wonderful week


Joy said...

Wauw! Die tattoo! Kun je er meer over vertellen? Ben zo nieuwsgierig...

Joy said...

Echt heel mooi die tattoo! Ik kan er maar naar blijven kijken! Zoo mooi! Prachtig lettertype ook!

Barbara said...

Great links! thanks for sharing!

delina said...

idd super site's! en super blog meid had je nog niet eerder ontdekt x

minnja said...

thanks for sharing !


projectvee said...


ireneexx said...

Thanks for the sharing! Definitely gonna take a look at that!


Rocio said...

thanks for your comment!!and great photo!xx

Gayle said...

Thanks for your lovely comment dear! Im having a giveaway so you might want to check it out! ;) And Im def checking out your recommendations!

-Gayle from

[Virginie Peny] said...

Interesting and inspiring links, thank you very much! and thanks for having visited me :)

I'd like to add you in my blogroll too, you can do the same if you like mine!

Have a nice day,


LoliTa said...

oh these are great! and LOVE your moschino in the post below- just great!

Néhémie said...

So right, most of the blogs nowadays look the same :S

Emily said...

such a cool photo!! I love it!

Inspiration exists said...

You have very inspirational blog, glad I found it. Following you.

Rosa said...

love the tattoo and love you're blog!

My Lack of Style said...

Ik ben echt FAN van je blog zeg, helemaal super! Geweldige stijl heb je, ik ga je volgen met Bloglovin'!

En nog bedankt voor je comment! ;)

saamielola said...

Bedankt voor je tips. Fleurette haar blog en Jak&Jil waren reeds mijn favorieten. De andere ken ik niet, maar ik ga ze nu bezoeken.

Raena said...

Wicked did you do that??

The Cheeky girl said...

so GREAT !


Fauve said...

Wat een mooie blogs allemaal, daar kan ik nog wat van leren! En de tattoo is super leuk gedaan, zo'n mooi geschrift zeg! Liefs

Emmett Katherine said...

Thank you so much for sharing these blogs. I find it so fascinating the difference in style and overall perspective when you compare North American Style Blogs, and those from well, anywhere else.

I’ve started reading Dead Fleurette
's blog and I can’t seem to stop (I really should as I’m suppose to be doing something else).

Anonymous said...

My point of view partially coincided with yours. Thank you for trying. antidepressants

Kelly Thompson said...

Aww, thank you so much for featuring me. You just made my day :D xx

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