October 19, 2010

OUTFITS | 1990's Levi's and Gemstone Earring



An akward unflattering fit, iconic 1990's stone wash.
These are the only jeans I wear.
Earring made out of two thrifted chrystal pendants.


Hilaloeya said...

simple but awesome!
love your blog! following!
come follow me back!


Annalein said...

Awh thanks! I totally love creamy colours :) Your jeans look somehow really cool, no awkwardness at all ;)

Panda said...

These are awesome! I love these jeans! Panda xo

Amanda said...

Such a cool idea ;D
+ thanks for your comment!

fashion westie said...

love the awkward fit of old school denim, i can see why you like wearing them--you rock them hard!

love the earring too.

Suz said...

stoere broek hoor!

Debbie said...

Woah! Als zulke levi's my zó goed zouden staan, zou ik ze elke dag dragen, haha! Very nice!


Julia said...

wow, I'm impressed :)

Franzi said...

very cool,

x franzi

Heis said...

Oei! Lekkere jeans!

Samen kamperen voor de h&m? Ja.


Kim said...

wauw wat een super jeans !

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Great jeans!!! *

Love your name.... hahahha <3


Sophia (my visual illusions) said...

you are COOL !

Terri said...

what wonderful earrings!

Raez said...

you make those mom jeans look hot, girl! work it;) and i am also loving those gem earrings. how genius:)

xx raez

Grace said...

I want to make crystal earrings.

Love Grace.

Nemesis said...

Oh die oorbellen zijn echt heel gaaf!

Debbie said...

Jaaa zou tof zijn! Waar woon je eigenlijk (ongeveer) in Utrecht, straks woon je om de hoek :p haha!


JC. said...

those levi's are great. you got them in a levi strauss shop or vintage?

Six Six Sick said...

Perfectly awkward fit. I can never find jeans that fit right!

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