October 08, 2010

SHOES | Ets Callatay




Meet Ets Callatay!
The extraordinary and exceptional is yet again found in simplicity.
In Joachim Callatay’s first shoe collection it would be simplicity on a thick, beautifully shaped wooden platform though. Combining leather and hair-on leather together in one shoe is another detail that makes these so coveted. All Ets Callatay shoes are handmade in Joachim’s Parisian atelier and will be in selected stores by the end of February 2011. With excitement I'm looking forward to this and future collections of Ets Callatay.


Gorgeous Clara said...

I adore those shoes

Cylia said...

you are awesome:)



Debora said...

Hi dear :) thank you for comment !

Omg these shoes are WONDERFUL, I adore them and I want them sooooo bad :D !!!!!!!
Loving your blog, well done !

if you want please check out my vintage blazer giveaway here :


Amandamarie said...

wow. those are major shoes!


Suz said...


Michelle Chic said...

ooh lala... love!

More than Mode said...

OMG!!! Me encantan!!!

Ginta said...

beautiful & solid :)

Cylia said...

hey meid!

kzie net dat we gwn Nederlands kunnen praten;) je bent echt zo creatief.. echt heel leuk om te zien aan je blog!
you rock. Heb een fijne week!



Iulieta said...

I like those shoes! kisses

devore le beau monstre. said...

ohhh those shoes are perfect!
love your blog & style.. now following. :)

fashion westie said...

holy crap!@ those shoes iwantiwantiwantiwantiwant...talent!

Hilaloeya said...

I adoree your blog!!


menina elegante said...

those are intense shoes!!! i love them!! they are amazing!

menina elegante

Jony said...

Prachtig zijn ze!!

The Fashion Moodboard said...

Vania! Inderdaad leuk! Ik had je blog al eerder gezien en als eens een berichtje gepost, maar superleuk om je zo tegen te komen. Hoe gaat het met je, en waar woon je nu? Superleuke style heb je!

ediot said...

those shoes are so amazing.
thanks for stopping by me. adore your blog
hope you had a great time at the concert! photos please ;)

eugenialejos said...

this shoes are beautiful!!! Your blog is very special! I follow you;)

fashionstoned said...

1 woord: GEWELDIG!

Hanna said...

Amazing shoes!


Raez said...

those shoes are beyond amazing!

xx raez

Ilse said...

woahh. me wanna! fijne blog heb je.

Amy T said...

these shoes are magic

sahara. said...

i LOVE those shoes.
and i love the pictures in the post below. beautiful.


Labels And Love said...

It looks so unique, gorgeous ;)

Little Bo Peeep said...

lol i literally gasped when i saw those shoes. i also do love the simplicity of it but it can be a statement piece at the same time!

Shini said...

Oh my, seems like the organic version of the acne Atacomas! I do like this better, less pretentious!

High On High Heels said...


Panda said...

Those shoes. Just. Kill. Me. Now.
Love your blog, and thanks for the ultra sweet comment! Just did a new post too, if you were interested. Thanks again! panda xo

Aquilance said...

Wat een gave scheonen!

Céline K.G said...

Love this shoes...

xoxo, Céline

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