December 27, 2010

LIFE | Christmas

Dam Square Amsterdam

Overly full glass recycling deposit

And it is over.
The dinners, brunches, family meetings and late nights on the couch watching home alone. This year went incredibly fast. I hope everyone had a lovely lovely Christmas, had time to spent with their friends and families and gave coveted gifts!


Natali Nanny Dufkova said...

Christmas atmosphere! :D
Lets start drinking :D

helena said...

Amsterdam ziet er mooi uit he met 's avonds rond kerst :D
Ik ben er ook een paar keer geweest.
Hoop dat je een fijne kerst hebt gehad!

heylila said...

you live in Amsterdam? how cool! I wanna move there in the future, haha :)


the style crusader said...

that photo of the bin is hilarious. definitely have had a wonderful and magical christmas.

all the best for 2011. xx

Alisha said...

Beautiful photo's.

Gorgeous Clara said...

love that first pic! I just love Amsterdam in general!

Lana. said...

Die boom is al mooi op zich toen ik hem overdag zag, maar zo 's avonds met al die verlichting istie nog mooier!

Haha, veel zeggend die laatste foto.


I agree, this year went so fast! Sounds like you had a great time...and apparently so did the people drinking all of those wine bottles! xo

fashionable palette said...

That is quite the overflowing recyling bin! Hope you had a very merry christmas!


Looks like you had a grand christmas!
Love the last shot, the over flowing bottles in the bin, what a classic.


A. said...

this is my new favourite blog. linking you!
hope you had a lovely christmas xxx

heleen said...

Hahahaha die tweede foto! Wat gaat dat geven met nieuwjaar...!

Cylia said...

ik heb het zooooooo naar mijn zin gehad dit jaar met kerst:) im so sad its over.. heb je nog wat leuks gekregen;)?

london loves said...

you're right. I wonder were the time has gone... every year passes by quicker!


Sabrina O. said...

Leuke foto's!
De dam ziet er zo echt prachtig uit!
Leuke blog, following!
Sabrina O.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the recycling bin, it's hilarious!

happy holidays!!

saamielola said...

Wauw, over heel veel flessen drank gesproken!
Van het zelfde voor jou!

Georgia said...

that first photo is amazing!!

hope you enjoyed your christmas


Anonymous said...

classic photo, brillliant, hilarious, love it.

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