December 15, 2010

NOVELTY | Damir Doma


Damir Doma's second women's collection.
Wearable, soft and subtily sexy.

* My computer crashed last night. I'm ill and can hardly think because it feels like my head is completely filled with mocus. So no elaborate post about Damir Doma's women's collection. The picture speak for themselves.

Also I wanted to share an interview the lovely Slanelle from Slanellestyle did with me. Read it here!


Charlene said...

Beatiful Collection! Just read the interveiw too! I honestly dont think you get half the amount of exposure that you should! You are so different to other blogs

Rebekah Christel said...

I really like the grey dress, very special, very pretty.

jessica whitley said...

loove that middle look. gorgeous! x

LA said...

Beautiful tones, the lengths are fantastic, I like this collection.

You've got a great blog babe


Jasmin said...

Get well soon :)


I must have the first dress! So chic and cozy.

Ramona said...

Hello gorgeous,
I'm a big fan of your blog,
so I've decided to pass on The Stylish Blogger award to you!
If you want to accept it, you can find out more here :

Lots of love,
xo xo Ra

Shilpi said...

the all-grey dress is so COOL!



Debbie said...

Prachtige collectie! Had deze foto's nog niet gezien :)


heylila said...

I am sick, too. Get well soon!

Slanelle said...

Thanks for the link honey! I have to send you an email about an upcoming DIY issue on HYPEED! I'll do that today ;)

KPJS said...

Oh fuuuck! Hope you're better soon!
the nice AA flower sweater, we all love it :D :D
And thank you, I hate my lips :D

Shini said...

Owh sick too, are we :'(? Hope you get better soon! As for mucus-filled head, you should try a nose spray that contracts the swelling in your sinus that causes the mucus! Mine's called Otrivin Schnupfen 0.1%...why am I telling you all this :P

Anyway, I didn't know about Damir Doma's work and I'm already a fan... muted sleek dresses yes please!

saamielola said...

Veel beterschap! Ik hoop dat je je nu veel beter voelt.
Ik heb je interview gelezen en dat was heel tof. Ik wou dat ik een attitude als je dochter had. Maar..ik ben het aan het opbouwen!

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