January 16, 2011

NOVELTY | Simone Rochas ss11


Text by David Hellqvist, Photography by Morgan O'Donovan via Dazed Digital

David Helleqvist: What was the starting point for you?

Simone Rocha: It was the traditional Chinese mourning, everyone wears white. I visited my grandad’s grave in Hong Kong and it was stark white but had highlighted flowers and that’s where I got the colourful accessories from and the pink clothes. It’s tough but with a feeling of romance.

DH: You got a feeling that you it was originally quite minimal but made advanced through cutting out fabric etc

Simone Rocha: Exactly, I really admire traditionally garments, like crombies, and I like taking tailoring and trying to elevate it to something new and fresh. It’s about bringing them back to life again!

DH: Do you have a favourite piece from the show?

Simone Rocha: I really like the skeleton coat, which is exposing the interiors of the garment.


Raspberry Jam said...

A very nice collection!



Fashion Agony said...

Love some of these pieces, but the designer's being inspired by mourning clothes is kinda weird :)

vivalablonda said...

This clothes are so cute, really romantic! Congrats!


josephine said...

" nice sweater and I love the blurry overlapping first picture *About the diy cropped tee. It was pretty simple cutting it, though there is a little trick on how to get it 'symetrically assymetric'hmmm... buI might do a little video tutorial on it :)"

@ Ivania, oh thanks and thanks for the advice, I'll probably try to attempt this on my free time. Simone Rocha's collection is amazing, I think i can wear everything. Very inspirational post

Jantine said...

Wauw, prachtig dit!

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

I think I could stare at these photos all day. The clothes are so incredibly intriguing. I could just sit and analyze them for days.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Leuke post. Ik wil je echt even mijn complimenten over je blog geven. Je hebt zo'n leuke en eigen style. Jij weet met basics echt een super leuke outfit te maken. Ga zo dooor!

Natali Nanny Dufkova said...

This is very nice collection!
Simple, but so stylish!
I love it, so much..<3

A.n.E said...

How twisted is that! I love this collection just that much more after knowing that its inspired by traditional Chinese mourning.

btw you have a lovely blog and love your inks! ;)

<a href="http://www.accessoryofcrime.com/'>a.n.e</a>

Chloë said...

Wow I actually really love the idea behind this collection. I know it's quite creepy but it's such a fresh and unusual idea, and kind of beautiful in a way, if you think about wearing mourning clothes and adorning graves with flowers and pretty colours as a sign of love and respect for lost loved ones. I love the look of it too, minimalistic but modern, eye-catching and very edgy in a pretty way, which is unusual. Great post. xxxx

Chloë said...

PS Please check out my blog!
Thanks! xxxxxx


Wauw, die bloesjes zijn echt gaaf!^^

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