March 04, 2011

NOVELTY | Damir Doma FW11




Close up of a sweater knitted out of suede strings
image source:, damir doma

A runway review from behind-the-computer-screen-perspective
Before I knew it I was hypnotized by Doma’s first girl who looked right at me through the screen with her blue eyes, hair pulled back and black lips. After anxiously opening a new window and seeng the arrow of my mouse quickly find the name Damir Doma amongst the othe designers. She was wearing a cape-like yet structured short jacked over a long wide, white frock and legging-shorts. Underneath these somewhat heavy layers her
knees and calves were showing and her bare feet had slipped into the most beautifully shaped creepers. (My dominating thought: This is what I want to wear.
This is what I want to wear today, tomorrow and the rest of the year.)

Again my little white arrow rushed to the ‘next look’ button and started to click away. Long dresses shaped like tabards and fragile silhouettes
flew across the screen while I stared at it without blinking. The tabard skirts were long and had openings at the sides revealing the thigh high suede
creeper boots in a subtle way as they were black worn on black tights.

All of a sudden, halfway the collection leopard printed pony skin and Mongolian lambskin took over the runway in a way that is not the usual
slow blending in. But at the same time, all in one outfit. Though there is no clash wth the rest of the collection. The full length leopard dress is
as structured and well cut as its previously seen sisters in black. The show continues with monochromatic looks in shades that lie very close to each other.
Black/ white variants aswel as Rusty browns and coppers combined with gold lamé.

Apart from the use of color, material and print, large cuffs added to the slight tribal feeling of the collection. Doma’s models wore them in
creative ways; over long-sleeved jackets on the upper arm accentuating the biceps and on both arms at the wrist.