July 26, 2011

VIDEO | Phillip Lim: Menswear fw 11

The men are walking towards something, it seems that perhaps they are going to meet eachother and so suggests the anticipation building music. After they walk through a concrete landscape of perfect lines, shadows geometrical shapes their paths finally cross accompanied by a delicate piano tone. That was it. An unexpected anti-climax-climax that delivers me goosebumps every time I watch this.

This being said, I must now share the vulgar materialistic feelings that this video also evoked; I need that mono grey ensemble + shoes and bags.

Phillip Lim: Weavers
The Designer Shares A New Menswear Film

A portrait of the urban man on the move, today's film Weavers, was conceived by the designer as a follow-up to his fall 3.1 Phillip Lim menswear show. “It’s just three strangers going about their day,” he says. “They cross paths, and feel a kindred spirit because of the way they dress.” The short was shot in Palm Springs by San Francisco-based photographer and filmmaker Andrew Paynter, and its title is a nod both to the artisanal tapestry and rug-making techniques Lim drew upon for his collection, as well as the elusive nature of the models pictured threading in and out of shadows. “We’re always trying to get a mental picture of the man we’re designing for,” he says. “But he’s a little bit of a mystery; we only get glances. This film is our attempt to capture that experience of seeing someone in snatches.” We asked New York-based Lim to demystify his urban summer essentials.
Video and words from NOWNESS.com


LoliTa said...

beautiful imagery- the light and shadows are perfect! love the grey ensemble too, such perfect simplicity

The Desert Fox said...

Andrew Paynter-- I met him once. This is great, collab between film and fashion, what I live for.

Eline said...

Echt een geweldige video.
Zo simpel en toch pakt het je echt.

Marijke said...

This film is pretty amazingly done!

heleen said...

Alles aan deze video is zo perfect uitgebalanceerd; zelfs de manier waarop het landschap de strengheid en (om maar eens een veelgebruikte term toe te passen) het minimalisme van de kleren reflecteert. Heel knap.

anne said...


Closet Full Of Style said...

it's such na interesting way to promote clothes mixing it with great cinematography. Music i so cool, very in sync. thanks for sharing video with us!


Phillipe LeNerd † said...

hero! love this deep

Joanna Gregory said...

Fantastic video.. which delivered the same goosebumps to myself. You are such a talented writer.. and better spoken or shall I say written too.. than most first language english speakers. Your blog is an inspiration and one which I anticipate everytime Bloglovin is waiting to load :)


nanna said...

once you made a must-see-shops-in-amsterdam guide. now im in the city... but i really need your guide...

hope to hear from you..