September 16, 2011

OUTFITS | 1990´s Calvin Klein Sweater



Late 90's Calvin Klein sweater: Ebay
maxi skirt: Self made

My new old sweater I got from Ebay! To me it is much more than a white sweater with a logo on it, I think it is an icon for the minimalistic fashion from the 1990's in which Calvin Klein played a huge role.


The Fancy Teacup said...

That sweater is definitely an iconic item of the 90's. Looking chic, girl!

♥, Jamie

Anonymous said...

So simple and fresh, i love it.


Nicole said...

you have the best style!
how did you make the maxi skirt?
nicole x

Andrea Antoniou said...

i just love it :) xxxxxx

unfucktheworld said...

Hey there, the link is not working and I can't find it on facebook. Can you re-post the link? Greetings from Berlin, Sandra


Thanks Sandra! But the competition is already closed. Fingers crossed that i made it to the final cut

Sarah Mikaela said...

You are so beautiful! These B&W's are really great - and so is that CK sweater.


Framboise Fashion

Katarina Susa said...

You are one of the most gorgeous women I've seen. Plus, you make that sweater work so well! Love your blog, your style and your look. Perfection!


rebecca said...

oh i want a sweater like that toooo!!

Marloes said...

Love it! x

Fashiable | Nanne said...

Ik heb op school (já op school haha) je blog uitgebreid zitten kijken en je hebt echt een geweldige blog haha, dat wilde ik even mededelen!

ida osterman said...

I must say that your blog rock! You inspire me!

But now I just want to tell you that I think there is a girl who takes your pictures and claimes that it's her on pictures. You can find her blog here:

Have a nice day! Hugs Ida.

Sofie Lindvall said...

You are so God damn beautiful! I love you style, simply amazing!

jul said...

hope you gonna win!
wardrobe needs a minimalist.

ida osteman said...

Answer: Sorry but no, I dont know her. Good luck!

Hugs Ida!

Anretta said...

loveloveLOOOVE your hair! (Suz) said...

wat zijn die eerste twee foto's geniaal!

Pyrola said...

Answer: Thanks! :D

I KNOW! I've posted loads of comments to her about stealing your (and other bloggers) pics, claiming that they belong to her. She even claims that it's her you see in the pics, aswell as the stuff you see in some pics! That is pathetic and I can't stand it. Your blog is one of my top 5 favourites and I can't except this! How come you can't reach her?

balkis said...

You always have the greatest photos. Love your blog!


Hot Magenta Blog said...

Iconic. No more words.

Hot Magenta Blog

Sharlxo said...



Unknown said...

Ziet er uit als een super comfy trui!! CK heeft echt fijne dingen vaak!

June said...

my mom wears the same one! and I steal it from time to time


what have you colored your hair with??? I LOVE IT!


Mai Monpipit said...

wow i like your look! you have a nice sense of style

Anonymous said...

I'm from Finland and just founded your blog and I'm in loovee<3 Your blog is really inspirational!


Unknown said...

you work the 90s so well! beautiful x

Nádia said...

You look so minimal! I LOVE it! <3

Oh, and voted! :D

RAYNE said...

Love the simple aesthetic of your style and posts!


Louise said...

Hej! Var gärna med och tävla om en ear cuff hos mig!

A. said...

ohmygosh, i love it!

eddie said...

it looks amazing! <3

Night at Vogue said...

It looks good!

strike the pose said...

So cool!


Anne said...

love it

balkis said...

So chic! I love it 100%.


The Girl With a Feather said...

I absolutely love your style! Exciting and unexpected every time. Love it!

Sasha Maria said...

I've never seen a logo look so good.

ANõmmik said...

love it !
and your style !
lovelovelove :D

Hanseatin said...

The first picture is soooo pretty, Ivania! Really, such a pretty face :)
Aand I think my mum owns a jumper like that, but in red, it isn't as gorgeous as it is in white though.. Best wishes from Germany!

Sarah Gabrielsson said...

I'm sorry, i have deleted it now. I found it on a blog and took it from there. I'm so sorry. You have a very good blog. Hugs.

Adele said...

You are definitely right, and with the maxie dress it looks perfect... just found your blog about to take a look around!


Merveilleux ▲ said...

Lol ja helemaal vergeten die sweater!! :') Echt heel leuk!

Sonia said...

Calvin Klein really is the master of minimalism, isn't he! You look great, I love your outfit and it suits you so well x

The Car Addict said...

Cool Blog!

Want to decrease pollution? Drive a smart electric drive

Magnet said...

hmmmmm... to be honest, I actually find that jumper kind of tacky =/ well, actually, not the actual sweater/jumper itself but the logo. As a graphic design student I find the logo kind of ugly. The cK part with a keyline ruins it for me, I think it would look a lot cooler and in tune with its minimalist style if it was only the main type.

Ashley said...

The first picture is so inspiring

Kirsten said...

I miss 90s Calvin Klein. Love this throwback!

Six Feet From The Edge - Debbie said...

Woahhh jeugdsentiment!! Ik heb die trui vroeger, op de basisschool gehad! Mijn tante werkte toendertijd voor de Bijenkorf en vloog de wereld over om 'mode naar NL te halen'. Ze heeft toen deze trui een keer voor me meegenomen en ik was er ZO gelukkig mee.

Goed, heel lulverhaal, maar voelde de nostalgie al opborrelen :p

Hij staat je super!


Anonymous said...

you're in my last inspirational post, if you want you can check it ou!

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! you look really great in this outfit, and I love your style!
Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, we can follow each other, it would be a pleasure to me!!!

Cosa mi metto???

Bani said...

That sweater looks so comfie! I loooooove CK

Anonymous said...

I saw a similar one in a thrift store recently... I almost bought it.

Ally Carey Substance Blog said...

LOVE it! And I am still loving your hair! X

Linda said...

Zo vintage! Jeugdsentiment, haha, stoer!

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