December 21, 2011

REPORT | A Black-White story called TWO


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Giuliano Bolivar; mastermind behind 2 , Elisabeth Schaduw; cutest DJ you'll ever meet, Malou Tan; Talented photographer and employee at Sketch

I bet you too have had an overdose of words like 'selected' or 'handpicked' -vintage. I know I have. It's usually just the regular old secondhand clothes but on fancier hangers and with expensive tags. With Giuliano Bolivar's project '2' (yep, it's called Two) which is built up from secondhand clothes it was an entire different story.

Three racks of Giuliano's carefully curated used clothes awaited the visitors of the small luxury department store Sketch in Den Haag last Saturday. Accompanied by classic 1990s songs played by a long haired beauty on platforms, people were going through the black and white used garments.

TWO is a project that came together with things that already existed, clothes that were already there. Small alterations and adjustments are made to them and they are curated and arranged so well that these old and forgotten garments look fresh and valuable again.(Though the prices are still what you'd expect when buying second hand; tops under 35 Euro, jackets under 100 Euro) A long wide shirt suddenly looks much more valuable and modern without its pointy 1970s collar and hung next to a leather quilted sleeveless jacket.

Giuliano Bolivar is not afraid to say that it is all about branding and the way you present a product. 'These are just secondhand clothes. But arranged and styled in a way that they make sense with each other. The clothes weren't made by me. I just altered them and I chose them.' Yes he did, he created an entire vibe of which every customer wanted a piece and which was quickly referred to as a collection instead of a selection. The boy has style.

note: See that white ripped denim jacket hanging on the right side of the rack? I took that baby home! Already looking forward to the next TWO event! For more info about TWO and to see the look book click HERE


Pedro Korshi said...


Aleen said...

Giuliano is smart with branding! Love the styling x

Lousine Adelia

Isabelle said...

I love this kind of concept, first you don't feel like being tricked by some fancy hangers as you said and also because I love the fact to re-use clothes. The massive production looks so absurd when you go in a second hand shop!
And TWO is looking great and very clever :)

Angela Leberte said...

i love these! so great


Duke Nuke Emily said...


Sasha said...

Sounds like a really great event. I admire this sort of attitude toward clothing. The piece itself can be recreated in many different ways to make it current and worthy of closet lust.

LeNerd said...

there's only one word to describe: PROUD.

I'm so loving this post
and your report is one true admirable
argument to check then fell in love with 2.

you and G are my sweet angels.

can't wait 2 see u rocking the white jacket.

Fashiable said...

Ziet er leuk uit allemaal! Die DJ wil ik dan wel eens ontmoeten hihi!

Ria :) said...

ohh this must of been very interesting :) xxxx

Meriem Rawlings said...

Brilliant post. Thank you


fashion suicides said...

We don't see the collection very well but when I look at the girl with the white layers it really looks amateurisch and very DIY. Doesn't look very spectacular and special. But I must say the black collection looks more sophisticated. Hopefully I'll change my mind when I'll see your white denim jacket!


Her Persona said...

loving all white!!

Emilie, Pernille og Mie said...

Great pictures!
check it out, add comments, follow.

ANNIE said...

So true about the presentation thing. I can't say how many times i've walked into a shiny boutique that has like 5 garments hanging on one rack, looking very exclusive and luxe and realising that the clothes i'm looking at often aren't very original, luxe or well-made.


Karina De Jesus said...

I used to work as a merchandiser for Urban Outfitters so I totally agree with him that branding is everything. The same piece can be merchandised in hundred different ways and each way is going to add completely different value.
Checked out their tmblr… such and inspirational atmosphere. And your little girl looks awesome :)
I’m definitely going to make an effort to go there one day.

Anonymous said...

I adore all of the simplicity.

Frederikke said...

Would you please do a tutorial on how to do those silvernails? I must say, i really love them!


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