January 26, 2013

L I F E / Current Inspiration

I never have anything 'fixed' on my walls in frames. Instead there are printed out papers, pictures, magazine cutouts and (kiddie)drawings taped to the walls and doors.
They are never very permanent and I love to take everything down and change it for new inspirations every now and then, it instantly makes the spaces feel fresh and new.
Right now I'm liking this arrangement of papers a lot;

A picture that Romeo took of Lois right after her hair was combed. It never stays this smooth for longer than 5 minutes, her extremely long hair is usually all tangled up and wild, we like to call her Mowgli because of it.

The dreamy icy landscape is something I found on Tumblr and do not have the credits for the image. The colors and depth are surreal to me.

And the neon discount stickers. Gotta love some tiny yellow dots, even if it is just because of the 50% off association.


CULTstyle said...

Beautiful X


Emily Ulrich said...

I'm always impressed by the wow factor of minimalist arrangements. The touch of yellow is striking against the blank wall.


Hanseatin said...

This is beautiful. Her hair ist just amaazing!
And do you have the link for the icy picture? Would love to take a closer look at it :)

HayleyMG said...

Youve made me really appreciate minimalism how pretty and calm it is

Hayley xx

Melissa V said...

so nice and clean inspiration! x

The Fashiournalist said...

Beautiful inspiration! Love your natural way of capturing 'the zen'

Thank you for the inspiration!



Irene said...


Beatricia Palcic said...

Beautiful! You amaze me xX


Iben said...

The best inspiration is truly flighting;)

Style -Drum is Jackie said...

you are so inspiring.


ZxM Style-Squared said...


Lama Ibrahimli said...

I do the same! I quite like the scrapbook feel of it :)


Kariann Landsverk said...

thats so beautiful !

Julia Percia David said...

So minimal, pure and fresh inspiration! Gotta say that the yellow dots is my favorite!


Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

Lydia Rose said...

So fresh love it x
herlux fashion

Lydia Rose said...

So fresh love it x
herlux fashion

Jaeger said...

lovely simple images



Chelsea said...

I think I'm feeling inspired too now! I remember seeing that photo of Lois on instagram, simply gorgeous.

Bostonista said...



Leah Nielsen said...

Wonderful! fresh idea(s) :)

Anonymous said...

I love this silver tape, could you tell me where did you bought it?

Milex said...

ahhhh ♥

Daniel From Ibiza Paradise Villas said...

I just can say WOW. Absolutely amazing

manu campayo said...


SIMON said...

this is your inspirations
you are our inspiration

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...


A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

Faye said...

Love this, so simple and unique it hurts me! haha



fabulous moodboard

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