October 17, 2013

B E A U T Y / Bare Essentials

 photo loveaestheticsbeautyessentials0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsbeautyessentials00.jpg
/ As you can see I'm not that fond of labels. Bare containers and bottles look less cluttered and more uniform on my shelf.

/ Some of you have send me messages about skin care routines. It is pretty basic and straight forward, I just try to keep my face 1/ as clean as possible, 2/ hydrated and 3/ protected against the sun (by adding some extra sunblock to my day cream).

/ A little over a month I've been testing out this new Kiehl's cream, and I can't let it go unmentioned. Specially during busybusybusy times where I tend to have less sleep, this little bottle has been a lifesaver in the morning. When really stressed, I like to take an extra minute or two to apply it and really massage it in, it makes your face feel completely awake and fresh again.

nail polish: Hema
cream: Skin Rescuer by Kiehl's
glass container: iittala


Anonymous said...

I'm ripping off all the labels. NOW.

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Love the idea of removing the labels, such a clean and fresh shot! xx

Mothi said...

I love the bare bottles!
It makes it looks so pretty and clean, very nice!

xo' M


Daniela Villegas said...

You are so original.


TIGER LILY said...

I love your photos !
I should do the same thing about the labels.

Rosa Shand said...

About to go and try and take off all of my labels! x

Rosa {Rosa & Fox}

Blake said...

Oh gosh, I love this idea. REMOVING ALL OF MY LABELS NOW, TOO. xoxo

Laura. said...

I'm loving white nail varnish at the moment too.

I love the idea of uniform beauty cabinet !

A Forte For Fashion



Love the bare bottles.


Anonymous said...

i already do this with my beauty bottles :) -sophia

ChamaFashion said...

Nice post!

Milex said...

I am simply wowed.

Zuley said...

How do you get the labels off?!

Anonymous said...

What a clever idea to make clutters seem de-cluttered and neater!


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea to make clutters seem de-cluttered and neater!


Vanessa T. said...

What a great idea! Any tips on how to get the labels off the bottles? I have the most difficult time getting rid of the stickiness :/


Amber Dennett said...

I'd love to see what your house looks like!


Melissa V said...

i love that essie white nail polish, it's the best out there i think x

Floortje van Cooten said...


Marjolein | NeverTooPolished said...

Maar natuurlijk, labelloos.
Zo jou! :)


Sarah Iracheni said...

I love this post - and I always remove the labels of my products as well. It gives it this really clean and simple look!


Renny Ruth Roren said...

love the idea!

i am ripping of the labels now! HAHA


Ezra Hakze said...

Hoi Ivania! Ik heb een vraag voor je. Ik meen me te herinneren dat je ooit op een van je foto's een soort 'neppiercing' boven in je oor droeg. Hij was breed, en mat-zilver. (Misschien was het trouwens ook wel een echte piercing.) Ik vond hem er in ieder geval erg mooi uitzien en vroeg me af waar je zoiets koopt.

Brianna said...

Just took off the labels on the products the i use. thanks for the inspiration


Hey Ezra! Ja dat klopt, ik heb een gouden(die ik bij de 2e hands afdeling heb gevonden van een juweliers zaakje) en een zilveren die ik destijds bij Asos had gekocht. Op ebay kan je ze nog wel vinden als je zoekt naar 'ear cuff'

hier eentje bijvoorbeeld: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Europe-Style-Fashion-Simple-Silver-Color-Ear-Cuff-Earring-Earclip-Unisex-/151129210590?pt=Fashion_Jewelry&hash=item233000bede


Anonymous said...


i use exclusively LUSH, the only reason i mention this is that your post reminded me of them as all of their skincare is packed in a neat way that does not need to be altered or stripped of its labels
all black
with white font
the only company so far i have come across that has outstanding packaging but the reason for using them is that i strictly support the ethics of natural skincare
no carcinogens
little or no preservatives
and no animal testing
nothing of it sinks into the body

smiling and waving
eutha nasia

Anonymous said...

You even managed to get all the clutters in your home uniformed. Girl, you're my role model :')


Undecided said...

I love this idea.Love the bare bottles.


Chaido said...

Nice idea especially if you see your cosmetics as designing objects, too.

buybestantiagingcream.com said...

What a wonderful idea to remove the labels from your skin creams. It looks much more stylish that way. I'm wondering though how you separate your eye creams from moisturizers though.

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