February 20, 2014

D I Y / Double Bead Choker






Hardware and clear plastic, delicate vs chunky. My cup of tea!
Although beads are quite a staple ingredient when you think of DIY, I honestly never really knew what to do with them as besides being decorative I didn't see a clear purpose for them. But when going through some old DIY supplies and coming across these two ice-cube lookalikes, suddenly I knew just how to put them to good use. Here's the super simple, 3 step instructions to my double beaded, rose gold choker necklace.

1/ Measure how long you want the choker to be by putting a measuring tape around your neck. keep in mind that the opening should be around as wide as your neck so you can still can take off the necklace.
2/ Cut the metal bar to the right length and bend it around something round. I used a can of paint.
3/ Fill the beads with glue and put the ends of the copper bar through them. Let them dry and you're all done!

/ thin copper bar
/ two beads
/ super glue (clear)
/ pair of pliers


Hannah Podbury said...

Simple and beautiful- I love it! ♡

Anni said...


Rhea Gupte said...

You work out such incredible things with the simplest stuff.

Alyssa Pacaut said...

Wow, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. So simple yet such a striking design.

Jessica Rose said...

Perfect....really simple but so different at the same time.


Style Squared said...

That is amazing! Always admire your diy-s!!;)


Ruby And Siel said...

Superidee! Het is ook wel mooi om hem helemaal vol te hangen met 'ijsblokjesparels'. Een ijs-efffect met nog steeds de koperdraad zichtbaar. :)

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Beautiful idea and love the rose steel xx


Jay said...

Brilliant idea, so simple and so effective! :D

Mia said...

This is great, Ivania!

Lisa said...

Love it! Heb iets soortgelijks van Cheap Monday, tijd om hem maar weer eens uit de la te halen!

Milex said...

So much love

Alicia N. said...

The simplicity of the necklace is just perfect! I always love your DIYs.

Neon Fox

karl philip Leuterio said...

delicate vs chunky.. my kind of juxtaposition too!

Sef Quemado said...

This is really clever!

Ashleigh-Jane said...

This is beautiful!


Justalazymorning said...

amazing idea!

ChamaFashion said...

So beautiful!

Iliana, Anne said...



Sarah said...

Stunning! Where can one get a copper bar like that? Hardware store? Craft store?

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Wat een mooie simpele DIY!


Lubica Tothova said...

Amazing DIY...I love it...



We love it!

Laura lexo said...

Nice necklace !! Cool idea as always


MartinaAloha said...

Wow great DIY, I will do it!

Anonymous said...

Technically, it's not a choker, it's a necklace. But very nice, nonetheless.

szyte żyjątka said...

I like your work <3

christinadesignsart said...

Where would I find a copper bar? Is that just a thicker jewelry wire? Whats the size?

Thanks. Would love to make several of these with different beads!

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Beauty Follower said...

Like it!

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Hazel Arora said...

Beautiful "Double Bead Choker".

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