June 25, 2013

N O V E L T Y / Menswear, Neil Barrett ss14

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I've almost grown to love menswear more than womenswear. Perhaps because menswear is somewhat more restricted, the silhouettes don't change every season as radically as they can in womenswear and it is focussed more on appreciating details, fabrics and tailoring. 'Trends' are much more subtle and individual pieces often much more classical.

I'm a huge fan of Neil Barrett's vision of spring summer 2014. Inspiration for the collection included the modernist work of Charles and Ray Eames, particularly the shape of the iconic curvy Eames chair. But also 1990s lumberjack plaid shirts, the red/black white/black kind. Barrett magnified the plaid pattern creating a larger, simplified block pattern. The last suited the Nirvana songs to which the boys walked down the runway so well. Besides the graphic prints, the garments were kept as clean as possible, all buttons, fasteners, zippers were hidden and jackets were held together with magnetic closures.

Although these clothes are literally the future and it'll be a year until we see them on the streets, it could have also been last years or next years collection. Like the Eames chair, designed more than 50 years ago but still fresh and modern as ever, I can't imagine this ever going out of style.
Images by Luca Campari
for Dazed Digital


Unknown said...

Cool post!



I really liked those organic black and white shapes as well! Especially how the design integrated the sleeves.

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

You are so right and i agree with you on your take on menswear compared to women's but most of all this is a very lovely collection.
Beautiful post.

Anny Barros said...

ncie :)


SABINNA and DAVID said...

Neil is a very talented designer, beautiful collection!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

Anonymous said...

finally some menswear!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

oh, menswear whiteness. the best kind


Angela said...

We understand perfectly what you mean. Oh, and these guys are just gorgeous.

Wanna float with us? http://www.floatstardust.blogspot.com
The Floating Team!

Adelajda said...

Good collection!

MILEX said...

I want everything.

Shelly said...

Quite educating post! Great designs!


Tatiana Kurnosova said...

Beautiful! Inspiring <3


Sarah said...

You're turning me on to menswear. It's harder to appreciate though through a computer screen precisely because it's all about more subtle details. Next time I'm at a designer store, I'll take a closer look.

Related quote from a recent NYTimes article from J.W. Anderson: "'I like the idea of a shared wardrobe when garments don’t really have a sex. It’s about what a garment means to a person"

Lola said...

mmm i never normally associate the colour white with boys, but this is incredible, every outfit looks beautiful x

TINA ONG said...

Very nicely written, thanks for the read! x


Duck said...

One of my favourite collections along with Raf, of course. Loved the oversized plaids on jackets, even in red. He made me want to wear red...

e said...

great post. i have always preferred menswear to womenswear for the exact reasons you specify... i think if a designer were smart they would design true menswear quality pieces cut for a womans body...so many try but i feel they always miss the mark somewhat. i find shopping for womenswear very overwhelming. i would love to have less choices, better cuts, better quality.

V said...

I know exactly what you mean, I'm always excited for the new menswear collections ... much more than those for women

Michiel - Jan Marcel Blog said...

Precies om de redenen die je in de eerste zinnen noemt ben ik zo dol op herenmode en niet zo heel erg op vrouwenmode.

Twee weken terug zat ik in Parijs voor de men's fashion week en ik ben daar zo ontzettend veel vrouwelijke editors tegengekomen die niet zoveel om vrouwenmode geven, maar helemaal weg van herenmode zijn. Ook zij deelden precies onze mening.

Ik vind het zelf heel interessant om te zien waar dit heen kan gaan. Herenmode was altijd toch een beetje de underdog, maar lijkt een veel belangrijkere positie in deze industrie in te gaan nemen..


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