July 29, 2008

Amsterdam Fashion Week: Iris van Herpen

The Amsterdam fashionweek has just ended and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see more of the expositions, shows, that were organized last week. But I did attend the impressive show by Iris van Herpen. It was held in a dark old factory with dilapitated brick walls, concrete floors, furnished with white simple minimalistic lighted benches and runway, where the models steadily marched on very loud industrial sounds and a slow beat. The collection seemed to be made(like previous work by Iris)out of unexprected materials like metal threads, gauze and constructions of threads that were twisted and draped into tiny fine knots and big round shapes. The collection matched the settings of the show perfectly. Her main inspiration came indeed from a factory: Refinery smoke: '..flowing smoke looks soft and dynamic but at the same time also ugly, scaring, dark, dirty and harmful..'