November 12, 2008

Great Loss amongst dutch fashion magazines: ELLEGIRL IS DEAD

(Yes I was a faithfull reader,I know that with 20 years of age I dont really fit the targetgroup) It was sooo sad to hear that the Dutch Elle-Girl has just brought out their last issue, at first I was hoping it was just a rumor but a message on the official website confirmed the disapointing news.(quote site: RIP ellegirl) I have collected their bionthly magazines for more than a year now, after I discovered that Ellegirl's substance was quite good! Even after skipping the "boys, diy nailpolish"-pages it was still a very entertaining read. I will miss their columns, streetstyle pages, new models, and most of all their not too serious, colorfull editorials with an edge.


María said...

It's worrying me the amount of magazines closing. Could it be the net?

maeganfidelino said...

Aw, this is really saddening. I don't think I've ever read Ellegirl, but the decline of magazines is saddening. I'm a graphic design student, and the idea of 'print being dead' is pretty frightening =/

saamielola said...

Wanneer ik me verveel, blader ik meestal door tijdschriften. Zeven op tien keer neem ik dan een ELLEgirl.
Het is een raar gedachte dat er nooit meer een nieuwe editie zal zijn. Tenzij ik ze van een ander land koop ...

Aisha said...

Aw, that's pretty sad. I agree with Allure on that it could be the net's fault.

Unknown said...

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