November 26, 2008

Opening The House of Victor & Rolf

Monday, 4.23 PM
I am in Antwerp central station,
emergency: I have to pickup some clothes,
I have no money, it is cold,
but most of all it is BOOOORRRIIING

But it is all worth it, because the same boss who send me here this morning,
will take me to the opening of The House of Victor & Rolf, wich will be launched later today in the town I live, Utrecht! I wish it were 8 Pm allready.. how exciting! (actually I wish it was 4.59 so i can sit in a warm train) Specially because the online fashion show was a bit of a disapointment to me.
Even though I had the same front row seat as any magazine editor, and the collection was very nice, it still feels like I missed alot. JUST ONE MODEL, no front row pictures, no backstage stress,No backstage photos! Those are always my favorites! Models standing in line in beautuful garnments, laughing and doing silly poses. I just didnt get the envious and happy feeling that drives me when I see who díd attend the spectacle of a show on paris fashionweek. There is no free internet here, my train is still not here.

Under my orange nailpolish my nails have probably turned purple, so i'm going to stop typing and put my hands in my pockets before they freeze off.

Monday, 8.00 PM

ahhh what an amazing exhibition, and it was also vert nice to see Viktor & Rolf were there themselves! They actually dont look that much alike, exept for their identic hairstyles, glasses and suits. The title 'the house of victor& Rolf' can be taken very seriously, because there was litteraly a giant three stories high spic&span white dollhouse, filled with beautiful and a bit freaky looking porcelin dolls,
all wearing miniature Victor & Rolf pieces, of wich the originals were also present at the exibition on life size porceline dolls. The details were impressive to see from up close but also the size of the pieces, it was a complete different experience, 109879732575490546 times better than their online fashionshow.

It was held in the Central Museum of Utrecht.
And it is very interesting that they were the first museum to buy something from victor& Rolf, in 1998.
ever since they have bough several pieces every year and now own 29 Victor & rolf Couture pieces wich were also incorporated in the exibition.

I just had to take their picture so I wouldnt have to stare so long, but instead could analyze them from my camera hahahahaha!is that too honest?!
but I mean that these two were dressed better than most of the women.


Allure said...

The exhibition must be amazing. You're so lucky you have already seen it ;)

Lisa said...


insanely incredible.
tad jealous that you were there :)

truly a gift.


Song of Style said...

i heart their outfits!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

it looks amazing!!!

Annie said...

Oh wow...!

p.s. I'm also wearing orange nail polish ;)

CapuccinoB. said...

i'm so jelaous you were there!!!!
it must be amazing!


Terencesambowrites said...

I love this blog!!!!!!!!!! awesome... finally i can get to learn few stuff about fashion and style in antwerp,brussels and the rest of Belgium

Terencesambowrites said...
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littlemolly said...

I saw this when it was in London. It took my breath away. It was amazing. Thank you so much for your comment on blog. I will add you to my links. Lots of love. :) xx

Anonymous said...

wow lucky you got to go!


darling this is amazing.thank you for sharing those awesome images,from those stunning dolls and the amazing garments to the the stylish men.fabu!

Jenny H. said...

amazinggg pictures.

so jealous that you went to this!

Maya said...

WOW. Amazing.

Marianne said...

The one on the right looks like..I forget his name but he's often spottet by the sartorialist and other streetstyle-bloggers. He always amazes me with his out-of-this world outfits and hair :D Was it him or just a lookalike?


Thx for stopping on my blog!! Cool blog, i will come back

dreamecho said...

How lucky you got to see this! Thanks for the review and photos.

Ronnie Heart said...

what are you wearing right now?

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