April 28, 2009

Cleaning out the closet

Imagine all wardrobes being thrown in a hole, just to be dug out in 100 years. What will the content say about us? What do our clothes reflect? That we lived in a standard society of mass production, chain stores, with little appreciation for quality, that the dress code was uniform-like, cheap, quantity over quality and that our way of life is simillar to that of our clothes: standard, average, empty. Not me! It's time to throw out all of the unworthy shit. My goal is to have items I that I will never want to get rid of, shoes that I'll keep for the rest of my life and dresses that my grandchildren would still want to wear.

Zana's frocks on display, Garbagedress


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Where is that top photo from? It looks like the outfit the girl wore in the Fever Ray video!!


Winnie said...

I really like these. This so reminds me that I have to reorganise my wardrobe really soon...

Marilyn Hayward said...

There's so much in my closet I could never part with, but for all of that stuff...there are the things I may as well put out in the yard I find them so useless! I just want to buy only beautiful vintage things.

Couture Carrie said...

What fabulous photos! Love your inspiration!


Irene said...

Oh wow I love your blog

Zarna said...


and im sure your grandchildren will appreciate all the fabulous vintage clothes one day :)


jules said...

what amazing photos!

Maxie said...

i really love the 3rd pic

prettyneons said...

I often just throw my clothes on the back of my chair---or on the floor either way works----- slob? Me? Nooo
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneOns X

Hannah said...

The last photo is lovely! Where is it from? I'm trying to do the same, I'm a lot more strict these days with what I buy.

Bella said...

Amazing images... the last is definitely a favorite!

Fungus said...

oh wow this is gorgeous.
you have a nice blog!! def gonna check this out once in a while

LML said...

i am in love with these "closets"! i hope one day to have a gorg decorated room for my clothes like those!

Miranda said...

i know what you mean
i feel like at least a quarter of the stuff i wear my kids will just be like "wtf" to hahaha

Fashionita said...

wow !

i really like that <3

preppygoesrock said...

i think our time would reflect on fashion based on style rather that comfort plus individual dressing...
check out my blog:

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