June 21, 2009

DIY elastic cage dress

Thoughts of elastic Cage dresses, skirts, corsets have been going through my mind every morning while getting dressed, specially when I look at the amount of nude pieces that I have collected and that need something strappy added to them. Somewhere I feel like a fraud to make something that is someone else's idea, but who's? Buying an "original" was harder than I thought. If the cages are not sold out, they are of numerous brands and all very simillar.
After making the "frame" I tried out dozens of possibilities for the bottom part by pinning the elastics in many different shapes. I still havn't figured out wich one I'll choose. It's too easy not to make a few.


Silje said...

Thanks for comment!=)
That dress is so sexy!=D

Clara said...

i love your dress!!


Zarna said...

great dress!


makemoremistakes said...

You have a lovely lovely blog. I really enjoyed reading all your posts to date and hope you post again soon! Thanks also for the sweet comment!

jules said...

Oh man that is so amazing! I love the way you have it last on the top.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!!!

Stacy said...

love the second and third! can you post a diy?


preppygoesrock said...

i love the dress and it fits you like a glove. At first I thought it was herve leger and you pull it off quite well
check out my blog:

Hannah said...

Wow, these are all so great, better I think, that a lot of the cage dresses I've seen by high profile designers!

Miranda said...

this is amaizing!

STARR said...

This looks amazing <3

CAMILLE said...

that is freaking amazing!!!

camille x

Annie Spandex said...

Oh wow...

Anonymous said...

very outstanding! who doesn't love diy herve lerger?

Anonymous said...

the white dess with black strapes is totally amazing!!! it's sexy and has an edgy touch!

A La Mode said...

This dress is amazing!

CAMILLE said...

that is amazing!!!!

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