March 24, 2010

Holland's best kept secret: Alexander van Slobbe


Fashion for thought, Stof tot Nadenken: An exhibition about the Dutch designer Alexander van Slobbe. In honour of his 20th designing anniversary, the Central Museum of Utrecht is hosting an exposition about his work. His minimalistic, structured, simple and modern designs were very successfull during the 1990's and gave our little country, The Netherlands, a better spot on the fashion map.


The first room was all about his accessories and detailing. Jewellery, perfumes and the entire process of golden studs, wich began with paper foldings were on display in lightboxes within a dark room. Like the tecnical process of making the stud, sewing patterns and structure play a prominent roll in this exhibition.


Mannequins all in black were hanging from the ceiling wearing Alexander van Slobbes best pieces. underneath each Mannequin the sewing pattern drawn on the floor.


The last part of the exhibition was an atelier where visitors can make their own Alexander van Slobbe dress! Patterns, sewing machines at your disposal, bring a piece of fabric and spent a day at the museum! Definitely a fashion exposition in Holland worth going to!

*for all the Dutch readers; If you're also sick of seeing the same old Victor&Rolf dresses at every fashion exhibition, this is defenitely a refreshing place to go!


Sarah said...

Nee, maar ik studeer wel aan de Uithof, Pedagogische wetenschappen (uni). Dus misschien heb je me wel gespot? ;)

Sue said...

i like !
nice blog & thanks for your comment ! (:

Celine said...

wow, i would like to make my own dress :)


plaisirs simples said...

the hanging mannequins remind me of the recent valentino doc. a bit creepy but totally intriguing!!

Anonymous said...

You call yourself Holland's best kept secret? Wow! A little modesty would do no harm....

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