March 18, 2010

Loveblogs / hateblogs

The reason why I used to love fashion blogs so much was because they were independent, it was nice and reassuring to read about fashion without having the urge to run to the store to buy something, reading about fashion without having to consume anything. Fashion is not all about buying the newest shoes, it's not about buying anything at all. Something that I rarely find in most magazines. I loved to read personal opinions, see creative projects, daily outfits from all different parts of the world, discover new thrifting finds, wonderful self shot images or inspiring photo shoots by big photographers. Still I can't wait to snuggle up behind my laptop and read the posts of my favorite bloggers.

But it’s such a disappointment when all the daily outfits from all over the world are the same head to toe Zara ensemble. Or that the newest ‘must have’ was suggested to 1000 bloggers at a time through a mass email sent by a press agency. Many of the blogs I’m coming across are so alike. Something that almost crushes idealistic thoughts of democratic fashion. 'Internet is taking over fashion, there used to be a certain hierarchy, an elite group in fashion that always got front seats at shows and were regarded as very important. But all that is changing now, fashion is democratizing.'-Aynouk Tan interview A few months ago I saved this comment on a Luxirare blogpost. I couldn’t agree more and I couldn't have said it better. Thank you Rose! whoever you are!

Dear Ms Luxirare,
As always, very interesting idea, very meticulous, artful and well-photographed execution.
Did anyone actually eat the lunch and forthwith declared undying love/tripled allowance/actually give your own magazine?
I am not at all amazed.

To the people that are toppling over eachother and go OTT with all these OMG's and other expletives: Hey, wake up, it's not rocket science!
She's using regular food preparing (and tailoring) techniques, only slightly odd (if not so easy to come by in some places) materials, crafted/bought packaging, a decent printer/camera and a roll of white background paper in heaven knows what room.
BUT what makes Luxirare extraordinary is the amount of THINKING that goes in her work, the amount of love, patience and dedication in her preparation and execution (documenting it all is just good science imho), and her utter refusal to give in to mediocrity, popularity, or the desperate, breathless search for the next newest thing.For which I commend her.

So guys 'n' girls, it's not so much about Godgiven creativity – you too can be extremely creative. Just stop craving for the latest, hardest to find, dearest goods; stop fooling yourselves with celebrity/designer/money cult; and start thinking outside your (bento)box. Get off your butts, leave all your opinions and prejudices at the doorstep, question everything, be curious; observe, truly look into the nature of things; learn a trade (or at least a proper skill like cooking, sewing, knitting, visiting a library to read actual books or mending your own shoes); but most of all: try to see the humor in life; the beauty in oddness; and the sublime in even the humblest carrot. It is out there! All you need to do is open your eyes and allow your senses and your brain to wander free. To give you some inspiration, Google "play with your food" and enjoy Joost Elffers work. This particular book was made in 1997, and the calendar made its way into 100thousands of households because it was sold for a mere 5$ (equiv) in the biggest grocery store chain in Holland. Now that's truly 'art for the masses'.
And now wipe that grin of your face – whether it's from enjoyment or contempt.


Sjaar said...

Jaa die zijn echt gaaf he, ik wou ze bestellen maar helaas zijn de verzendkosten heel veel!

Emmett Katherine said...

it’s such a disappointment when all the daily outfits from all over the world are the same head to toe Zara ensemble.

I couldn't have said it better. I love finding blogs of people that are originial. I may or may not like their style, but I feel compelled to stay and read their blog because they have something different to offer and I might actually learn something from them.


OMG1 Thank you for sharing and I totally agree with you. I was actually writing a post about this subject, that all the fashion bloggers look alike when they are all striving for "individual style".. what's so personal when they all look the same? Take the Jeffrey Campbell heels (Lita boots or something...) as an example, every blog-trendy fashion blogger own a pair of these boots.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because I was trying to find a post about how you take your pictures and this post came up. Great opinion by Rose.

Ichiban Nikooru said...

I can't agree enough.

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