July 30, 2010

NOVELTY | Oak NYC Editorials, Triangle Alexander Wang Clutch







Asymmetrically draped silky dresses, unique jewelry and leather goodies. The web shop features a mainly black collection with hints of browns and whites, and so do the photographs of Oak NYC's editorials. Boys and girls dressed in black fabrics that seem to float around them with the streets of San Francisco or New York as their scenery. They make it all seem so effortless and easy. On my personal wish list is this Helmut Lang dress and Alexander Wang’s Darla pyramid clutch.


Michelle Elaine said...

isn't mr wang a genius? and i love your post below

have you voted? please take a moment to vote and i hope it's for FVNCY! http://tinyurl.com/22mcx84


Lily said...

that clutch is very interesting :) love it.
thanks for visiting my blog btw! love yours as well :D
Following :)


Anonymous said...

amazing pics, and i love the clutch! award for you over at my blog!

minnja said...

I love the photos:)


Winnie said...

Oh wow, I adore that second black and white editorial shot. Stunning.

Anonymous said...


Miranda said...

i love it all
the clutch is to die for!

Is This Real Life? said...

ah such great cool pictures!

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