November 05, 2010

SHOES | The Perfect Winter Boots

Acne Track, Dries van Noten

Two pairs with absolutely devine shapes.


Debbie said...

Ja die Acne vind ik ook al zo super :$ Ik kan die hele collectie an hun wel opkopen, ze maken altijd super schoenen!


Michelle Chic said...

ooh, i love the first one!

Fashion Tidbits said...

sweet boots!

Kim said...

wauw ik vind die van Acne echt prachtig

yOka said...

Love it!

JoeyAna said...

love the Acne Track booties!
thanks for the lovely comment!!


Piter said...

yeah, they're so perfect!
thanks for your comment! ;)

Néhémie said...

Acne and Dries van Noten boots perfect as always :)

info said...

Dries van Noten I love you... amazing boots!!!

if you love shoes check out my blog:

Mitchie said...

I just got a pair of vintage guess boots that look like that Dries van Noten pair.

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