January 28, 2011

GUIDE | spring wardrobe selection




The grey skies and rain are the usual icebreakers in conversations. A phrase about the weather ‘looks like it’s going to rain..’ replace regular hellos. Apparently that’s what we do in cold climates, our entire lives and moods evolve a bit around the weather. But today the sun showed herself and although it is still freezing outside it set the mood for spring. Time to clean up my wardrobe and make a spring-selection!

Because I am so sick of winter, I haven’t shopped for any winter clothes since November. Not only sick of winter, but also a bit sick of fashion.(read my post regarding fast fashion) At the same time I have been looking forward to the spring collections arriving to stores. I hope retailers haven’t made too wearable and too safe choices, I can’t wait to see those coveted pieces in real life. However, I am planning to spent my money wisely and rather invest than throw it away.

With the sun shining brightly through my window I asked myself, what would I wear if it were 20 degrees outside RIGHT NOW. Although my wardrobe has slimmed down considerably over the past months during my attempt to build a perfect wardrobe, I still ended up with a big pile of white, nude, creamy tones with occasionally some black silk.

What started out as something fun unexpectedly gave me good insight on what was missing and what was excessive. Clearly for summer I have too many tops and was lacking some basic styles of bottoms and jackets. I had never noticed this because for the winter season it is the other way around and looking at my closet(which is now sorted by style) everything still seemed more or less balanced.

Sorting your clothes by season(if you don’t live in a permanent warm climate) instead of by style gives you a much better overview of what you have and what you need. You can easily recognize the gaps in your wardrobe and control your shopping with this knowledge.


minnja said...

looks so great :)


Cylia said...

sparen is definitely beter dan spenden on SALE items.. daar heb je zkr gelijk in.

Elina said...

beautiful those colour. i caaaaan't wait to wear all these light sheer fabrics!



Suz said...

goede tip! wat ziet er toch allemaal prachtig uit bij jou!


love so badly all your posts and photos and everything!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I love the first x

Aniek said...

goede tip idd!

Lana. said...

Ik vind jouw zwevend 'kledingrek' echt super! Echt! Zou het zo in mn kamer kunnen hangen :).
Mooie foto's ook, en handige tip!

Taylor said...

I love everything you have on display. Can't wait to see your spring stuff. I live in a permanent warm climate, so we definitely have different necessities, but I still want to try and organize my stuff by season.

Anonymous said...

Super mooi zeg en een goed idee

Biaa said...

I am right there with you! I feel that we are always buying things and not taking the time to realize that half the things we buy are not necessary, are not long-term, and that we will get over them by next season, or next year.
I definitely need to weed out items from my wardrobe and streamline it more. And I like your idea of sorting by season, rather then type of clothing. But where would you put something season-less such as a blazer? Or your dresses?

Céline K.G said...

Good pics :)

xoxo, Céline

Raspberry Jam said...


Shilpi said...

ah! That is such a great tip at the end, your color palette is delightful!

Although adding a few brights in wouldn't hurt you :)



hannah said...

this post is fucking brilliant. thank you for this.



SANDRA said...

Hey love!

Ahh love the rack again.. wish I had space for something similar :)

I find you blog really inspiring

x sandra

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog, I absolutely love it!

Debbie said...

True! Ik ben er zelf ook mee bezig gegaan op die manier te ordenen en zie nu steeds beter wat allemaal overbodig in mijn kast is, en dat is veel.. heel veel.. Inmiddels al flink wat arme kinderen (en arme vriendinnen ;)) blij kunnen maken, en ik begin langzaam (heeel langzaam helaas..) toe te werken naar een soort van perfecte wardrobe. Mooi stuk heb je geschreven :)


Anonymous said...

I love your rack!


Fashiable said...

wauw beautiful!!

carolfernanv said...

great post. I am also looking for new trends but I don't really find anything new or inspiring. The trend is MINIMALISM, which I love, but I would like to see some new things. Could you post about new trends or items that you like for summer?
thank you :)

Natali Nanny Dufkova said...

Amazing photos, absolutely!
I love your blog!:-*

-isabel- said...

I'm loving your outfits and your wardrobe. Such a great blog!

le pearl said...

Okay so I adore your arrangement there. Aesthetics at it's best <3

Carissa said...

I love loveeee your blog. it's soo neat :D :D

Anonymous said...

Hello i'm a little danish girl who wunder which country you're from! Are you from Denmark? And i just wanted to say that I'm really in love with your closet, and your blog.

Irene said...

I love that tree close hanger! It looks great!
xoxo irene

Melissa said...

beautiful! you have such a lovely blog, im following!

Iben said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog, and I really like it! Just went through a lot of posts and I'm in love with your style:) have a nice day!

Love iben

asha said...

This is a good idea. It's also a really difficult thing to do, especially living where I do. I live in Ballarat, Australia, where it's cold and miserable one day and 40 degrees the next. Fashion seasons here are odd to me, because I generally follow European fashion seasons which really don't fit in with our weather patterns.you're lucky!

Julian! said...

Great post! Totally think this makes sense, but I can't do that to my wardrobe since the only "seasons" we have in the Philippines are "wet" and "dry". :)

Love your blog, by the way.


anne said...

I love this branch-clothes hanger!

Aida said...



Je hebt helemaal gelijk!
Ik heb gisteren nog mijn kast gesorteerd en heb echt heel veel weggegooid.
Zo heb je gewoon een overzicht van wat je nog nodig hebt.

Neem eens een kijkje op mijn blog

THE CHEAP said...

Really loving your blog and your style! You're gorgeous!


amalie said...

love this! the nude colors are so great.
you have a great blog, i am now a follower .

Jan said...

Wow supermooie blog,
geweldige foto's en een gave stijl!
Ik ga je volgen (:

denise said...

ben via girlscene op je blog gekomen,
mén wat istie pretty!
vooral je "kledingrek",
heb zelf ook veel witte takken in mijn kamer.
leuke blog,
ik ga je volgen!


Maria said...

love the white dress/top in the first picture, how it almost seems to burn in the sun. crisp!

DIY / The fashion building said...

Wauw, geweldig!

chantalle manon said...

oh my god i really like your tree clothing thing.
I want to have it also in my room.
love you blog

Anonymous said...

Echt super mooi! Ik ben gek op kledingrekken!!! gr