June 30, 2011

EVENT | Iris van Herpen in Central Museum, Utrecht



The exposition about the work of Iris van Herpen and her inspirations opens today at Central Museum in my hometown Utrecht; 'The new craftsmanship'. Yesterday night I got a chance to join the press opening, talk to Iris and take a few snapshots of the collection. The idea of the exposition is to put the sources of inspiration that Iris gets from art next to the final finished designs.

A curious thing was that all of her inspirations coincidentally happened to be in the main collection of the Central Museum. Therefor it didn't feel like an authentic set up, but rather like an exposition to show how great the museum's newly purchased pieces from Iris van Herpen fit in their collection.

Also it was interesting to hear that in the speech of the curators, they didn't refer to her work as art but explicitly named it fashion. While the fashionworld likes to put the art-tag on her designs. However, the exposition was mainly focussed on fashion. The old artworks from the museum served a decorative purpose, nothing more than a nice background setting for her designs. Like for example the leather gold shoes were presented on a shiny pillar with a seventeenth century Dutch heritage gold printed leather wallpapewith hanging behind them.

Nonetheless it is always a joy to see the craftmanship, detailing and great dedication Iris van Herpen puts in her designs from up close. If you happen to be in Utrecht before October 29, save some time to pay a visit to the Central Museum.


s said...

Woooooowaaaaaaaaaaw ;D


Eline said...

echt super mooi!
Jammer dat utrecht net iets te ver weg is..

Flaviana Boni said...

love this!


Bec said...

great review. she has really interesting pieces, and set-up.

Marie My said...

I love the first photo! skeletonish and very interesting, it's great, wish I got to see it in real life!

love, Marie My from www.nemesisbabe.blogspot.com

Alter Ego said...

so proud of our dutch designers!!!

xo lovee


L said...

So talented!


Toyin Lola said...

Love the artwork


PookeBoop♥ said...

talented!!! ))


Die 3d effecten in haar ontwerpen vind ik zo gaaf!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...


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Roshelle said...

Zijn alleen al prachtige foto's!

Zoe's Inspirations said...

WOW this looks like an incredible exhibition

X Zoe X

Jessica said...

Great blog, I love your hair :)


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gohaveacryonyourtumblrindiechild said...

I posted the first photo on my tumblr, it's amazing! I left a credit but if there's a problem just leave me a message:


best blog xo

Lara Maria said...

I juist went to the "Basic Instincts" exhibition in Berlin which also includes designs of her. Amazing work.

Mary @ Fashionbirds said...

I like Iris van Herpen's extravagant and outstanding designs, they're really special... So, thanks for the tip, now I know what to do today :D

Have a nice weekend

xxx Mary

Kamicha said...

Wow, I just discovered your blog - how haven't I been here before?

Delany said...

I wanna go there! It looks great and I really love her designs.

japke said...

helemaal mee eens! je kreeg de indruk dat de andere kunstwerken een inspiratie voor Iris waren, terwijl dat helemaal niet zo was. het museum is gewoon te snel geweest met de tentoonstelling, Iris is ook nog maar kort bezig. het is goed om vooruitstrevend te zijn, maar dit was iets té. leuk om je trouwens te zien!

Paola Dal Lago said...

i wish i could come!! i've been in utrecht last year, and i felt that i really liked it, in fact to go to the railway station from my hostel i took the longest way. to stay more in the city ^^