June 08, 2012

LIFE | 3 Of My Favorite Spots in Amsterdam


It´s great to see the motor industry changing its traditional polluting ways by slowly getting rid of gas powered engines. Though it's easy to blame the manufacturers, the truth is that it is lso us consumers that usually don't want to compromise our lifestyle or our luxuries for sustainability. Now this dilemma is resolved by Volvo who developed a luxury hybrid vehicle. Volvo actually asked us bloggers to give our opinion about the luxury, comfort and visual aspects of this car. But honestly I'm much better at talking about shoes and I find the sustainable message of this car much more interesting than the color of the dashboard.

Last week I took a little test drive around Amsterdam in this new hybrid. We drove to three of my favorite spots in the city and they made a 'backstage' video . Unlike my mothers' futuristic looking Honda, the Volvo looked like any regular car. Though the fact that it didn't make any noise (we almost ran over a couple of bicycles, because they didn't hear us coming) revealed that this car had something not so regular under his hood; you can literally plug it into a wall socket and then drive around the city without using up any fossil fuel! If it's about promoting clean energy, I am all for it!

Noordermarkt, At the end of Westerstraat/Prinsengracht
Weekly vintage market in the Jordaan district, every Monday morning from 8.00/13.00.
Vintage is still vintage and not overpriced hand me downs.

Athaneum boekhandel, Spui 14
Small, but packed till the ceiling with a very complete collection of international (fashion) magazines.
Besides having all the big names, they also carry a lot of mags from independent publishers.

A Boeke, Nieuwe Hoogstraat 31
Hidden fabrics shop in the center of the city.
Great place to find inspiration among all the materials, buttons and fabrics.


Sade said...

Those shoes are to die for

Anonymous said...

Obsessed with these heels! Gawdgee x

Stephanie in Style

Anonymous said...

Obsessed with these heels! Gawdgee x

Stephanie in Style

Fashion Agony said...

Love this post, will definitely have to check out these places once I'm in Amsterdam!

Fashion Agony blog


I WOULD DIE FOR THIS HEELS!!! where did you get it?

Composition Two

Maddi3 said...

OMG THOSE SHOES. So hawwwtttt! For reals tho!


Anonymous said...

oh wow hybrid vechile! thats really cool....& they dont make any noise? now thats a stalker-car lol great post btw x

Incognito said...

What you said just remembered me my trip to Japan and Korea where they already use this kind of cars and I almost got hit by them because I couldn't hear them.
Apart that fact I think this kind of car have to be used more and more. But I think that in the Netherlands you are already green because you use bycicles so much and your towns are made to ride unlike italian towns. I am French but live in Italy and going back and forth between these two countries I can see different behaviors when confronting the earth issues. In France eventhough I could ride my bike much more, I don't feel like we are enough aware about the situation.

Thank you for this post it was really interesting so now I am going to check the places to mention !

Shug'A'Very from Incognito


Rhea Dillon said...

I swear if I ever met you we would have to go shoe shopping!


Nathan Moy said...

omg babes ur shoes are hot

oh i turned 21 and i bought the prada SS12 runway sunnglasses, check it out on me in my newest blog post!! and tell me what u think ;)

xx nathan.niche


Tessa: said...

Atheneum boekhandel is geweldig inderdaad


i'd kill for those shoes, adorable


Raspberry and Rouge said...

Inderdaad top plekjes! Happy friday! XO Rebecca


Calculator-girl said...

i have the same shoes, aren't they just the best, so comfortable too. great blog. x


Marga said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone, I love the shoes. Now onto the car, I wish I could afford a hybrid. I actually wanted a hybrid as my first car. I'm not saying I am not grateful for my car right now, but a hybrid would have been better.


Funky Farm said...

Thank you for the tips, I'm going to Amsterdam next weekend, will try to check them out!

Laura said...

The thing is, energy from a socket comes from fossil fuels as well... Adore the shoes though!

A La Mode said...

This is so cute! I loved your video, even thought I can't understand what you are saying ;P

Choas. said...

I absolutely LOVE Athaneum, I try to go there every single time I go to Amsterdam, and haven't been able to leave without spending at least 50 euros on magazines and books.

Yufei said...

I really love that tattoo. It's very simple and minimal, like you and your style.
I've been thinking about getting a tattoo, but I've been really scared about getting one, in terms of respectability to a potential future employer (I haven't yet figured out what I want to do after I graduate yet, but I don't want to close any doors on myself, you know?)
What are you planning to do in the future? Do you ever feel that your tattoos may limit you and what you want to do?


Jan said...

Ah wat wil ik graag weer naar de Noordermarkt,
heerlijk eventjes struinen,
balen dat ik afgelopen periodes alleen maar colleges had op de maandagochtenden!

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