October 02, 2012

N O V E L T Y / Paris ss13 - Favorites Collage

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Whatever. While making this post I let go of taking into account; which collections are necessarily technically or conceptually the best or most original, who is following trends and who is most renewing. This time I'll just stick to the superficial criteria of; what would I want to wear right now. Some of the most beautiful garments fell off the list though(the put-this-on-my-body-on-any-random-morning-list); like the long gowns with sheer gloves at Maison Margiela, I would consider getting married just to have an excuse to purchase one of them. It was so uncomplicated and fun to make this little collage/personal mood board; I can almost hear my scissors and smell the glue even though I made it with photoshop. The result is surprisingly not much new for me; white, bombers, metal detailing, neck cuffs, transparency, low chignons and basics. Which is totally reassuring; fashion really seems to be slowing down and the collection of clothes I have built for myself is still very relevant.

fave hair and make up:
Givenchy's low chignon + middle parting
Margiela's messy hair and make up + diamond nose clips

fave footwear:
Celine's furry footwear
Givenchy's clear sandals with metal industrial looking heel

fave garments:
Giambattista Valli leather bomber
Maison Martin Margiela sheer suit, straight fitted leather dress with front slit
Givenchy layered loose suits, metal details and flap-skirts
Stella McCartney's minimal sheer bomber


Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

This is all so... YOU.

Unknown said...

beautiful !!

XX Luba
Well Living BLog

Domonique Wilson said...

Love this entire post!So simplistic and so your style :)



Unknown said...

great post,so inspiring!!i am your new follower,would you like to follow me back?

Buzz said...

Really like it!

(giveaway iphone case)


Erin Z said...

Loving the sheer goodness!

Unknown said...

I find the low, messy bun to be so sexy with that thick, clear collar necklace. Especially where it fits so cleanly--that bun is the coolest way to downplay a futuristic piece of jewelry.

ZHENYA said...




Fashiable | Nanne said...

Snap dat dit helemaal jouw stijltje is, nice!


Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Die doorzichtige choker is echt geweldig!


Will you please vote for me in the Esprit Style Battle!

Unknown said...

Those fur slippers are so cute, if I had a mansion I'd wear them all day! This SS13is SO your season since it is totally confirmed, white is the NEW BLAAAACK! :D I've just got featured in The Fashion Network, it's my biggest one yet since my blog's not even a year old. I'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to tell me what you think and check it out, my answers are quite interesting ;)

xx The Provoker

Anonymous said...

Love your style but getting a tad bored now

Sarah said...

in terms of personal style(not the entire collection), these were my favourites too! i always find myself attracted to individual pieces that are clean and of course minimalistic.


I agree with you that it is very consistent, I also recognized that as you have probably read in this post. Being boring was a bit of a 'risk' I took while making this post. I really love the blogging medium because you can stay true to yourself, but I also can see there is pressure for bloggers to come up with new styles to entertain their readers. For me it would feel very insincere to be obligated to constantly chase the trends and renew my style. So the renewing part of my blog would be in other ways to wear the basic items that are already have, to achieve more with less I guess instead of going to a shop to buy a whole new wardrobe for the next season.

moiminnie said...

I can see that the whole fashion world is leaning towards the minimal for ss13. London and Paris are my faves this year. I have my graduate collection to do and it's so hard choosing one designer for inspiration! I'm leaning towards Margiela, Wang and Dries Van Noten though. I'm interested in clean aesthetics, interesting cuts, neutral palletes and great fabrics. If you have any recommendations, feel free to share! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

Lola Jaro said...

love that collar


Duck said...

The metal clips at Givenchy were the best part.

Laura said...

Great post! x

Ruby And Siel said...

Ik weet niet of het aan mij laptop ligt, maar je lay-out verschijnt heel vreemd! Ik zie maar de helft van de foto's. :/
Just so you know!

Opposite lipstick said...


Unknown said...

i love how this selection looks like you styled every show yourself. i totally see you wearing all of these pieces. :)
i wish i could stick to the simple forms, lines and colors. but i´m a sucker for colors and patterns! hehe

i´m sure you´ll come up with a DIY for the nose clip!


MILEX said...

this is so good!

Aleksandra said...

Amazing !!!
Great choice !!!


Daniel said...

Givenchy was so lovely so was Maison Martin margiela

amalie said...

awesome. so you! and i love it x

Karina De Jesus said...

you are so right, fashion does seem to have slowed down a bit. I was thinking about the same thing - even though I will probably like most of these basic silhouettes for a very long time, most people won’t because it has been a trend lately. However, it does not seem that this trend is going away any time soon either. at least not for another year or so.

Amber Jade said...

I agree with a lot of the other comments, these looks epitomise your style completely! Flawless post as always.

| l e n e r d | said...

u said it better ! <3

Laura K said...

om my goooood!! you'r blog is so awsome, your style is so inspirating!!


Unknown said...

Sometimes I also think that our mind is "selective" . I was focusing specially on McCarteny´s collection Im in love... <3