December 15, 2013

A C C E S S O R I E S / Favorite Footwear

 photo loveaestheticscurrentshoesone.jpg

Dear shoes,
The fact that you're not getting picked as often anymore in the morning doesn't mean I don't love you the most. I am leaving you safely in the wardrobe to protect you from the muddy boots in the busy trains that will damage your delicate materials and the splatters coming off the wet concrete as the wheels of my bike ride over it. Just knowing that I have you guys (and I recognize that this is a strange form of greed), is enough for me; I don't even mind wearing the wrong shoe.

Every single pair of these involved a search, a long wait, the feeling of -if only I had this pair in to complete this outfit- in the morning and lastly; finding them on a strange corner of the internet or coming across them on an unexpected place. So happy to have this little collection, this is my favorite footwear.
Nike Cortez here
Tibi Shane heels
Dr. Martens '2011 (similar)
Nike Air Max 1 glow in the dark


Adelajda said...


Viveca Ø. Johansen said...

They're all beautiful. Especially loving the Nike Cortez.

JULES said...

haha. such a cute letter.
how cute of you.
Lovin those nike air max btw,
and wut Glow in the dark?! awesome...

xoox, Jules
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Jay said...

That is one great collection of shoes. I'm jealous :D

Mia said...

They are all so beautiful. I've been trying to find the Tibi shoes for a while, but no one on ebay shares my size haha

Anonymous said...

what a lovely photo!
great airmax!

Anonymous said...

I love all of them, but my favourite are the dr Martens!

Melissa dv said...

those dr.martens are still great x

Iliana, Anne said...

all great!

Milex said...


leopardheels said...

Great post!

Rachel said...

love your shoes, lovely picture!

Rachel x
Style Soup

Dorothée Thomson said...

Lovely sneakers -

Gioia said...

Love all of these babies!

STYLONYM said...

Haha, great letter - and beautiful shoes!


Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Die glow in the dark air max zijn heel gaaf!

En ik ken dat gevoel van het 'hebben' van een bepaald paar zonder het te dragen :p


laurpiv said...

I wish you would post a picture of the air max's glowing in the dark! so curious!

TeuntjeVDW said...

A beautiful collection! xx.

Mothi said...

I love your nikies and the dr Martens!
So lovely, all the white

xo' M

Laura lexo said...

Nike air, love!!! Amazing shoes


Christel Bezemer said...

They're all beautiful, but the Nikies, I love it!

XoXo Chris

Rubie Striker said...

You've gathered such a beautiful collection of shoes - as well as clothes, materials and images! Such a distinct minimalist style that I love. Admire your blog always!!



COCOCOZY said...

Great photo! Love the Tibi heels.


e said...

so cool, love your collection! i could never wear white shoes, though, they would get destroyed! i'm kind of amazed at how well you're able to keep them, the air max are so awesome, been wanting a pair of those silver ones for a long time x

Georgia Milton said...

These all look great! Love the sneakers!
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Sef Quemado said...

Haha you're so cute! And i love your collection! xx

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lauren Raaijmakers said...

I made a blogpost about you!
Because I love your blog and you are really inspiring!
Your style is in everything you do and I really like that!
This is the link if you want to see it!

Xx. L

Anonymous said...

where are your prada :'(

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rolltidedistrict said...

cute letter!the shoes are so neat and clean..very white and i like your collection!

rao vat gia re said...

so cool, love your collection! i could never wear white shoes, though, they would get destroyed!

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