December 29, 2013

I N T E R I O R / Sunday Office

 photo LOVEAESTHETICShomeoffice00.jpg

 photo LOVEAESTHETICShomeoffice0.jpg

Meet my Sunday office.
These snapshots literally show that there is no clear line between my work and personal life. Though everyone seems to say that you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, I have no intent to separating the two. (btw, feel so incredibly lucky to be working together with my wonder boy Romeo more often next year). Instead of the usual office hours on Monday to Friday from 9 to 5, I forget about the hours that get poured into my projects or how much cash they will bring in. It all becomes more about pushing your own skills and the quality of your work itself instead of how it will pay off.

Currently planning things for 2014 and it is so exciting! Workaholic is such a negative term for someone who dedicates time to something, or better said forgets about time. Being unproductive and doing nothing stresses me out more than long to do lists and when inspiration comes I like to take advantage of it and act on it while it is still fresh; even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning on a Sunday.

lego brick containers
white Moleskine
Maison Martin Margiela scent
shoe boxes


Adelajda said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

w h i t e <3

Emma Cherry said...

I think this is why I'm suffering from panic attacks right now. Been crazy busy in the lead up to Christmas, followed by the come-down of doing absolutely nothing these past days. Roll on 2014 :)

Happy New Year!

(Dear Thirty)

Anonymous said...

It is so great for you to have found the perfect way to lead your personal and work life, and it is so great to have new project!

Selma - MLFT said...

Aesthetic perfection ! X

Sebastian Simon said...

Happy new year beautiful!

I can't wait to see what happens to Love Aesthetics and you in 2014 xo

Andrea Vytlačilová said...

This looks very peaceful! Loving the shiny apple, haha! :D


Rachel said...

aah ive always wanted to see what your bedroom would look like! amazing photos, love the white <3

Rachel x
Style Soup

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

,.i wish i had my way and had found my way as you have done a do every single day
the way you follow not only your heart
but also your creativity which is, as much as i do want to avoid labeling, part of you enriching work
i wish i had my way of living with a profession or work, something i perceived as shallow though it is not: it is something we do everyday so let be a indivisible part of our life
i wish
one day
and sending lot of smiles and all the warmth

eutha nasia

Elisa Taviti said...

Amazing pictures!

Elisa - My Fantabulous World

ChamaFashion said...

Awesome photos! Love them!

cecilie stejner said...

hi, lovely
where did you get your white shoe boxes ?
--- and have a happy new year !

Iliana, Anne said...


Milex said...

oh love!

Nicole K said...

Love these pictures!

xx Nicole

Nathan Moy said...

You always got the CHICEST interiors Ivania! <3 <3 P.S. Wishing you a provocative NEW YEAR AHEAD!

xx The Provoker

Olga said...

As long as you get enough sleep you're fine. I don't and it's a big problem. I'm not even sure now if I can't sleep physically or circumstantially. I guess both - it's a vicious circle. Maybe I'm not organized, maybe too stubborn (I keep thinking that I'll just do one more thing before going to bed and then it turns into a long list), or maybe I just come from another planet where a day is longer than 24 hours. Anyway, you don't handle lack of sleep well as you age so try not to abuse it. Otherwise who cares if you are a workaholic or anything else. As long as you enjoy it. :)

Abi Baldwin said...

Beautiful interior! ♥ You're so lucky to have more control over your work and for it to be something you really enjoy. :)


Anonymous said...

So much white! Geez...don't you get bored with everything looking so bare? Is it calming or crazy-making?

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love your house but how on earth do you manage to keep all your white things so clean? it boggles the mind.

Dominique Dyson said...

So fresh, so clean! It amazes me how blindingly white and pristine everything in your home seems to be.

Christine said...

I'm in love with these photos, so fresh and clean - reminding me that the new year is a new start :) Thanks for the motivation to make room for more play time in 2014!

Michelle said...

great post and such lovely photos

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Magda :)

e said...

Happy New Year! i can't believe your house looks like this, remarkable! xo

Anonymous said...

It's so calm and full with peace, minimalistic and clean. I really love it!


Claudia said...

Love this

David Wrenn said...

Beautiful and peacy interior, These are really inspirational.
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