/ S E L E C T E D

A monthly list of recommendations.
Carefully curated items from across the internet.

What started as a small, weekly list of around 20 recommendations in the sidebar of the blog, generated many many wardrobe and shopping related questions and requests. The Selected section just demanded more space, as an entire page of its own. Thank you all for trusting me with these questions and comments. Hopefully I can answer them all through this new and larger Selected by filling this page with nice items from across the internet.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful selection!! Kinda fell in love with the proenza shouler pant! :)

Ashley said...

I love this! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This so wonderfully reflects your clean aesthetic. Though I don't think I will ever be a convert to white/minimalism, you've inspired me to take a cleaner approach to my wardrobe and other aspects of my life. We would be such good friends if not for the geography and I am much to shy to say anything fangirl ish over the internet. Been reading your blog for nearly four years now, I think, and your blog has stood the test of time for me. I slowly stopped reading countless blogs I used to follow but I keep coming back to yours. I appreciate your dedication and honest ethic and your craftsmanship very much and would like to thank you for this gift you've given to many.


Unknown said...

I have the biggest lady crush on you! You've inspired me to take a smarter look at my purchases as well as minimize my wardrobe. I always look forward to your selections. Thank you!

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