October 23, 2008

The deceiving old bag

Walking (while digging into the piles of used, smelly stuff...hmmm! what a joy) down the market the other day, my eye spotted a small white quilted thing what seemed to be a Chanel bag.
Offcourse I pushed everyone out of the way and grabbed it as fast as I could. At first sight it was even prettier than anything I would ever expect from my favorite,but often shitty market. (but, thats always the exciting feeling I get after a great secondhand find) After a closer look it appeared to be an old fake one, i'm guessing 15, 20 years old.
But its nice handles, leather brush coming from a golden ball with chanel logos fooled me at first sight. Not to mention everyone around me at the market who where watching it like hawks and perhaps hoping I would throw it back on the pile.
I wonder how many people have been fooled by this tiny bag during its fake existance. And why did the owner before me decided to get rid of it? his/her consious? I must admit I do feel like a fraud when my fake little chanel gets a compliment. But honestly I have no problems whatsoever carrying around this deceiving old bag.


Jenny H. said...

that is so great that you found such a good fake.
congrats! i would be so excited if i found that as well :)

skeleton you are my friend said...

Ik ben super blij dat je weer blogt ! :)

Ashleigh said...

and you should not feel bad! Its still a beauty!

M* said...

Great find!

Trinidad said...

i know that feeling of discoverment
i get the same feeling when i discover a lost jewell on my favorite thrift shop (that happens to be a second hand clothes sale in a church)
and i love the look in the face of anyone who asks where i found it, and how much was it haha
i've been following your blog for a while now
to be honest, i'm at work with not much to do, and decided to go back till the first post and read it all now that i have some spare time
i love your blog

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