July 06, 2011

LIFE | On My Way To Berlin!

Will be in Berlin until Saturday!
Any must-see tips are welcome!


Kerrie said...

Have fun! :)

The Fancy Teacup said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in Berlin!

♥, Jamie

fashion suicides said...

Have a nice trip! I have never been there but planning to do a citytrip if I pass for all my exams. If you find some nice places, please share :D!


celain said...

damnit, and i'm not there :(

Thea Holmboe said...

Great (-: I am going to Berlin next week, and I am soooo exited! It would be great if you would come with some "must sees", cause I had never been there before! ♥


Anonymous said...

I've had only one short, work related trip there - but the whole Kreutzberg area is worth investigating. Second hand shops are awesome - Cash and Made in Berlin are the ones I especially remember.

Have a great trip!

Marie My said...

I've always wanted to go there - my entire family has, but not me. I have no ide why!

but have a great trip!

love, Marie My from www.nemesisbabe.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

oh, your trip is via stendal. good luck, i hate it there. have fun in berlin though.

rachel said...

barcomi- best cakes(bergmannstr.21)
in "bergmannstr." are also some good secondhandshops :)

have a nice trip

Eve said...

for shopping: "colours" in bergmannstraße, "made in berlin" in friedrichstraße. also worth seeing "prenzlberg" with vintage shops and the "VEB orange" with lot's of DDR stuff. (if your already there, then visit the tower of the zionskirche (zion church) beautiful view over berlin!)
also recommendable: "happy shop" in the torstraße.
at night, just go to kreuzberg at schlesisches tor or to neuköllns weserstraße. the bar "Madame Claude" is really worth the visit! i also like the bar/club "kleine reise".
for more: http://www.iheartberlin.de/


Heel veel plezier!

Anonymous said...

de weekday of course

jul said...

for truly berlin party visit clubs as weekend, berghain, watergate. or less touristic wilde renate and club der visionaire)

Anonymous said...

definitely you have to visit Brenzlauerberg with all it's little indi shops!Mulackstraße,Rosenthaler Straße..



nathalie said...

I'm in Berlin as well! I didn't know where to start, but this site has it all:


Have fun!

Merveilleux ▲ said...

Ik ga ook dit weekend! Mijn tip is Kastanienallee (straat).. You'll love it!

Jantine said...

De kleidermarkten! http://kleidermarkt.de/
Ik vond het in Berlijn heerlijk om rond te lopen in Kreuzberg, leuke upcoming buurt (zit ook een kleidermarkt). Veel plezier!

Johanna said...

Simon-dach-straße in Friedrichhain. There is a delious ice-manufrature:)

MAB said...

You will probably enjoy this store http://highstreetheels.blogspot.com/2011/04/trippen.html :)
I think the design will appeal to you, I find it very beautiful. Their adress is on their website.

STEFANIE said...

ooh, have fun!

Yve said...

The Arkonaplatz flea market is cute, not sure if it's just on Sundays though. Everything about Berlin is amazing, have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip !


FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

have fun!

My blog♥mfashionfreak

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

have fun!

My blog♥mfashionfreak

Ria :) said...

I was there just a few months ago :) but hmm you have to go and see the Berlin Wall, i really liked it :) xxxx

Cate B. said...

Have Fun Ivania!

X Cate

LOIS said...

Aaah you're coming to Fashion Week? It would be so awesome if we bumped into each other! :)
I'm running around from show to show too.
Love Lois xxx


Valentina said...

Go to the Bode Museum if you have time, for me it the most beautiful classic museum in the city. Wonderfull building, nice cafe as well.

Am Kupfergraben 1
10178 Berlin - Mitte
T: 49(0)30 - 266 42 42 42


anne said...

Have a nice trip!

Tanja said...

1st tip:

dinner at the asian restaurant himali, crellestrasse 45 and then a cocktail in a bar called jansen, gotenstrasse 71 (both in schöneberg, next to the s-bahn station julius leber brücke)

2nd tip:

homemade ice cream at tanne b, eisenbahnstrasse 48, next to lausitzer platz and then dinner at the arabian restaurant baraka, lausitzer platz 6 (both in kreuzberg, next to görlitzer bahnhof)

enjoy your time in berlin!

Anonymous said...

for a good shopping you can go around the ubahn station Weinmeisterstraße and Rosentalerplatz, for example münzstr, alte schönauerstr, gormannstr, torstr and brunnenstr ;-)
in the same zone also kastanienallee it´s nice and you can find a lot of place where you can eat, my favorite is yummcha heroes (fantastic chinese dumplings).
There is the fashion week now in Berlin, and it´s full of temporary showroom, find them on the mbfw website.
have a good time here in Berlin ;-)


incipientium said...

you must see East side gallery!
It is the wall on the east side where artists have painted fun, beautiful and sad paintings on the wall!

Here is a picture:


Lia said...

you have to go to the vintage shop: "Made in Berlin" at the Hackesche Höfe

Anonymous said...

Ga eens langs de KaDeWe en het rijksdag.
Ik vond deze plekken echt super. Veel plezier :D

Laurie de Rosa said...

good trip :)

Roshelle said...

Have funnnn (:

Kirsten said...

Have the best time! Can't wait to see all your photos!!

Nathalie said...

Saw you this morning walking down the Friedrichstraße :)
You looked great, have fun in Berlin!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time! :)

Sophie from Berlin said...

If you want to oarty this night, Ritter Butzke at Ritterstraße ( subwaystation Moritzplatz) is a good thing! There is also really yummy frozen yogurt at Invalidenstraße called " YOLI frozen yogurt"
have fun:)

Eline said...

Aaa, super!
Have fun.

Suz said...

ben benieuwd wat je gaat doen!

have fun!